The New York Times this morning exposed the fact that Marco Rubio received $800K for writing a book. The the dastardly Senator from the great State of Florida had the evil inclination to spend $80 dollars on a boat, actually the NY Times described it as ” a luxury speedboat.” In truth the “luxury speedboat” was a fishing boat. Above is a picture of the model of boat he purchased, a non-luxury fishing boat, the EdgeWater 245CC Deep-V Center Console described on a website as a boat for Safety-minded families.

With its deep V hull, the 245CC is ready, willing and able. It’s unsinkable, with all composite construction, roomy cockpit and a trailerable beam. Hook her up and hit the seas with this deep v hull boat. Safety-minded family boaters and avid anglers will love this boat’s deep v hull, perfect for those choppy seas. Mix the comfort features of the 228CC with the looks and offshore capabilities of our 268CC and the result is a deep v hull boat of unmistakable distinction.

Rubio’s boat is only 24 1/2 feet long. Now if the NY Times wanted to write about a luxury boat, they should write about John Kerry’s boat, well its really a Yacht, after all it cost $7 Million and is 76 feet long.  Kerry loves that yacht which is probably why he kept it in Rhode Island to avoid taxes until he was exposed–he doesn’t have the money..I am sure of it, because he promised he would pay the taxes anyway in 2010, but according to the Boston Herald who checked two years later he still hadn’t paid those taxes (which by that time had grown to $1,000,000). You see how much love the guy has to share? Even after the public embarrassment he needed that boat.

Now that’s a story for The Times, that’s what they should be investigating instead of “Cheap-Boating” Marco Rubio.

Note: it has come to my attention that the fishing boat is not the only family oriented float-able object Rubio has spent money on..he purchased the below for his children.