After his wife’s loss in the Iowa caucuses last night, Former President and First Spouse wannabe Bill Clinton predicts that his wife will be the “comeback kid” just like he was:

“Absolutely,” President Clinton said in a brief interview with ABC News. Remember I lost here,” Clinton added, referring to New Hampshire. (Bill Clinton placed second in New Hampshire in 1992 behind Paul Tsongas.) He then quickly listed off his other losses from memory: “South Dakota, Maine, Maryland, Colorado, before I ever won a state,” he said. So what can Hillary Clinton do to come back? “Run that hard here,” said her husband. “She’s got a better profile here. They know more about her now than they did about me then. And I think she’ll be fine. We just get out and go.”Bill Clinton: Hillary Can Be the ‘Comeback Kid’

For those of you who feel queasy about another Clinton presidency do not celebrate YET. Hillary is going to fight back and fight back HARD. And If you think she was a bit nasty before, you ain’t seen nothing yet. The real question is will her coming negativity split the Democratic Party? I hope so.

If she does split the party it will not be along racial lines as predicted elsewhere. She will cause a split of the “MoveOn” more radical liberal segment from the traditional “left of center” segment of the party.