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Folks there is so much confusion about the horrific terrorist attacks in Paris to discus the details.   What we do know is that in recent weeks ISIS has blown up a Russian civilian airplane killing all 224 people on board, a pair of suicide bombings struck southern Beirut Lebanon killing 43 people, and of course the seven  coordinated Friday night terrorist attacks in Paris with a death toll at this writing of at least 140. In other words anyone who doubts that this nation, indeed the entire western world, is in the middle of a World War has a serious problem with reality.

Enough of the political correctness, the animals who conducted these attacks follow a warped version of a religion that teaches values antithetical to normal faiths and decency. They practice  murder, hate, and mutilation all in the name of a warped version of God. This is the reality our leaders cannot comprehend.

Those same reality problems are afflicting anyone who doesn’t believe we need to be increasing our defense spending rather than cutting it back as President Obama has done and the Democrats and Rand Paul suggest.

But those discussions are for another day.

At this point in time the best thing we all can do is pray for the victims of the terrorist attacks,  their families, and all the people of France.  And when the facts settle down we can report on todays horror intelligently.

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