2013 Was a very strange year for America and the World.  The US President was beset with scandals from all sides and like Teflon nothing stuck, but one lie to the American people about a healthcare plan he shoved down their throats and his approval fell off a cliff. We got involved in a Libyan Civil war and looked stupid as we almost got involved in a Syrian one. And on top of all that we made a temporary deal with Iran. In Media, the MSNBC strategy of being nasty to anyone who disagreed with liberal theology continued to be a ratings failure, and they had to fire two people for going too far over the line, but they still employ the professional bigot Al Sharpton.

But tonight is New Year’s Eve so it’s out with the old and in with the new. So here is a look at what IMHO will be coming up during the next twelve months.

  • Obamacare will continue to flounder, with the GOP attacking its failures and the Democrats saying Republicans don’t want people to have healthcare. As of the March deadline there will still be more people who have lost their plans due to Obamacare (6.8 million) than have signed up for Obamacare.  The real next deadline comes in October that’s when people in employer-based plans start losing their insurance because of Obamacare.  
  • The Supreme Court will agree with Hobby Lobby, allowing firms to make religious exemptions to the Obamacare regulation.  This however will have not effect the law in total.
  • Immigration: Nothing will happen here till after the mid-terms in 2014.
  • Unemployment Insurance: I believe that the Republicans will take this issue out of the Democrats hands and pass a short term extension. They will find a “fake” way to declare it’s paid for.
  • Mayor Ford of Toronto will be reelected.
  • The NY Times Benghazi Report: Will remain a controversy for months. However if Hilary Clinton decides not to run look for NY Times reporter David Kirkpatrick who penned the Benghazi story to write an extensive report proving that Joe Biden does not have hair plugs.
  •  Scandalpalooza-IRS, Benghazi, Fast and Furious, NSA and other Obama Scandals: There will be continued hearings and maybe even new revelations, but the GOP will not push too hard because they do not want to be perceived as making these legitimate scandals political…well not until after 2014.
  • The NY Mets: Sadly will suck next year also.
  •  The GOP “Civil War”: A nothing burger. I predict that all of the candidates challenging Senate incumbents will lose. But the media will continue to talk of this non-existent civil war through the 2014 mid-terms. The Tea Party will strengthen but the Senate Conservatives Fund who is wasting money attacking Republicans, will weaken.
  • The P5+1 Deal With Iran: There will not be a final deal made in six months, because Iran will not give up what it feels is their right to enrich, and the Senate will not pass a deal which allows Iran to have that right.  Look for the President to try for an extension of the present deal. Whether or not he gets it depends on his approval ratings. Israel will not attack Iran as long as there is a US deal
  • Middle East Peace?: Kerry will try and shove a plan down Israel’s throat, it will be rejected by both sides, but the Obama administration will only blame Israel. Relations between Israel and the Obama administration will continue to deteriorate.
  • The New York Jets: A vastly improved NY Jet team will not only make the playoffs, but will have a 21-0 lead in the AFC Championship game.  They will blow the lead and not make the Super Bowl…same old Jets.
  • Global Warming: Mother Nature will continue to laugh at the climate hoaxers as the Earth will continue to refuse to get warmer, but President Obama will add new carbon regulations via executive fiat. These executive orders will challenged in court in 2015.
  • Obama’s approval rating in November 2014?: 35%
  • 2014 Midterms: Unless the GOP commits mass stupidity, they will grow their lead in the house and win the Senate.
  • Who Will Declare For The GOP Nomination: Governors Cristie, Walker, Bush, Perry, Jindal; Senators Stasson Santorum, Paul.  I do not think Cruz will run this time and Rubio needs to decide who he really is.
  • Don’t Be Surprised: If John Kerry decides to run.
  • Who Will Be The Next President?: Ask me next year