Today the terrorist Abbas said that the Annapolis Conference represented a unique opportunity for peace then announced that he wasn’t going to budge on anything. He said:

  • Israel should end its occupation of all territories captured in the Six Day War, including east Jerusalem the Syrian Golan and certain parts of Lebanon.
  • He called for a peace that “includes a halt to all settlement activities including natural growth, reopening the closed Jerusalem institutions, removing settlement outposts, roadblocks, and releasing prisoners, and facilitating our authority’s tasks of imposing order and sovereignty of law.”
  • Abbas also said that it was his “duty” to say that the fate of Jerusalem, which both sides want to claim as their capital, must be central to any deal. “We want east Jerusalem to be our capital, and to have open relations with westLink Jerusalem, and to allow all believers from all faiths to practice their rituals and to reach sacred places without unfairness and on the basis of what is guaranteed by international and human laws,” he said Source Jpost Abbas: We must have e. J’lem as capital

I though a negotiation took TWO sides willing to compromise…apparently Mr. Abbas doesn’t think so.

Pamela at Atlas Shrugs is live blogging the Conference during the day click here to go to her site and get the latest news.