Like a lot of parents I often go into my children’s room to watch them sleep. When they were babies, I would run into their rooms and make sure that they were breathing. But these days when I look at my kids sleeping in their beds’ looking so innocent I worry about other things.

I worry that across the world innocent Jewish children are being de-humanized. How the radical thieves who have stolen and now control Islam are teaching their children to kill my children. I think about the European and American press portraying Jews using old horrible stereotypes, I see anti-Semitism growing on US Campuses, a former US President using old stereotypes to sell a book and a Jewish University, Brandies, give that former president a platform to spread his bigoted rantings. I even see a condo development in Ft. Lauderdale allow Christmas wreaths on doors but ban mezuzzahs.And just like 70 years ago I see much of the world refusing to go beyond tepid lip service, refusing to acknowledge the scope of the Anti-Semitism problem and acting to perpetuate rather than to prevent it. A friend once told me that all Jewish holidays are based on the same premise, “they tried to kill us —we won—lets eat!” This is only partially true, there are some very joyous holidays that fit into that category such as Pesach and Chanukah. There are also the others–those based on a totally different idea: they tried to kill us THEY won, and few of us survived by the grace of G-d. You know, holidays such as Tisha B’Av and Yom HaShoah. Call me an alarmist but I am scared! Every time I open a newspaper or turn on the TV is becoming increasingly clear to me that we are in the early stages of one of those “They tried to kill us” periods. How often have you read about the “Powerful Jewish Lobby” in the NY Times, NY Review of books, on TV or coming out of the world of academia? How many times have you read about the other things the Jewish people supposedly do control the media, the banks?Look at how former President of the US declares that the “Jewish Lobby” refuses to debate the Middle East and then he himself refuses to debate the Middle East. How someone who may be running for president blames the NY Jews for trying to create a war with Iran.
See how the world takes a Terrorist who denies the Holocaust, such as Abu Mazen and declares him to be a moderate.
Look at how the world sees a bigoted country like Saudi Arabia and considers it moderate….Saudi Arabia is building a fence to keep out people from Yemen. We know that when a state does this it is called an apartheid fence. That’s what Saudi Arabia, the EU, and people like the peanut president call Israel’s fence. Yemen is says that the Saudi apartheid fence is really a land grab. Isn’t that what the UN says about the Israeli Fence? Saudi Arabia is country where the public practice of any religion other than Islam, including Christianity and Judaism, the presence of churches, and open possession of Christian religious materials are outlawed. Yet the UN calls Zionism racist, and Israel (what Saudi Arabia calls it the Zionist entity) allows true freedom of religion. The Israeli government zealously guards the rights of people to practice their any faith they choose. Saudi Arabia has Oil reserves so it is called a moderate. Israel has JEWS so it is called RACIST! Sometimes when I am enjoying the laughter of my children I wonder if they will be able to experience the same joy when they are my age, or will they face mass murder from the children who are being taught to hate.
Will Iran, who held a conference denying the Shoah, continue to build nuclear bombs with the intention of perpetuating the next Shoah? Will “moderates” like Egypt continue to be the number one distributor of Anti-Semitic books in the World? Will Muslim Clerics Still call Jews Apes and Pigs or call for our death?

“Muhammad said in his Hadith: The hour (resurrection will not come until you fight the Jews. And the rock and the tree will say; Oh Muslim, Oh Servant of Allah there is a Jew behind me, come and kill him” Dr Hassan Khader, founder Al Quds Encyclopedia.

Folks, its time to throw away the political correctness and realize the Muslim World doesn’t just want Israel out of the West Bank and Gaza —THEY WANT US DEAD. Let that roll around in your mind for a second, if you have young children at home go hug them because the Muslim world is trying to have our children’s generation face what our parent’s generation faced. And don’t think for a minute that it is just the Muslim world. They just opened the door! Following the lead of their Oil suppliers, much of Europe has returned to their long standing tradiion tradition of Jew hatred. Look at the movements to ban shechitah, the kosher way to slaughter animals as defined by the Talmud. It is a fact that most anti-Jewish governments start their persecution by banning practices such as keeping kosher (Ancient Rome and Nazi Germany for Example) See how the City of Paris named a street in honor of Raul Wallenberg a “Righteous Gentile” who, as a Swedish diplomat in wartime Budapest, rescued over 35,000 Hungarian Jews from Nazi deportation to the death camps. Look at how they held the ceremony being held on a Shabbos so the official Jewish institutions and the Embassy of Israel could not go. Take a look at the UN committee on Human Rights and how they continue to demonize Jews and the Jewish State on a daily basis while they continue to ignore the genocide in Darfur. Read what German Bishops are saying by comparing Ramalla to the Warsaw ghetto?
Look at French Politicians? Former French Prime Minister Raymon Barre-in an interview on “France Culture,” a state-run radio station-in stated that opposing the deportation of Jews from France during World War II had not been a “matter of major national interest.” Barre also claimed in the interview that the French Jewish community had turned convicted French Nazi criminal Maurice Papon into a “scapegoat.” Anti-Jewish acts and statements across the world are increasing exponentially. If you are Jewish you can’t own land in Most Arab countries, Gaza and the West Bank and the Côte d’AzurFrance.And we haven’t seen the worst of it. One day these children, who are having daily hatred lessons, will be adults and they will be going after my kids and yours.
These are just a few of the ever increasing list of examples. One thousand years from now, if there is a Jewish Holiday commemorating the early twenty first century what kind will it be; the kind that ends with “lets eat” or the kind that ends with lets cry. It is up to us as individuals and as a people to do something about it. We cannot remain complacent. Every offense must be challenged. Every statement must be answered. When someone tries to tip toe around the problem of Jew hatred with a little political correctness like Condoleezza Rice did last week during her little peace charade point it out…protest..send letters. If you read it in media sent a note to their advertisers. Every time we have called out to G-d as a people he has responded, think about those holiday’s Passover, Chanukah, Purim, the solution always starts with a return to G-d and prayer and ends with us taking action. Prayer is never the whole answer we must act for our selves but let me suggest that if we the Jewish people were to ask our Maker for guidance, a solution to all this hatred would be found. The Passover story starts with G-d hearing the cry of the Jewish People. Maybe we can use Passover to cry out again. Polls have shown that Passover Seder’s are most observed Jewish Holiday Ritual. Maybe that is the time for one more prayer than one more heartfelt request for peace from the Jewish People to our maker—just maybe, G-d will answer and deliver us as he has done so many times before The solution begins with faith and prayer. No mitzvah is too small; no prayers too short just make it come from the heart. Before you decide what to do, go look in on your kids, watch them sleep, hear them giggle and give then a big hug, because it is their future which depends on it.