The verbal attacks against Israel have started. Everyone is upset about the country trying to protect herself. You hear things like, ” collective punishment” and “excessive force, ” comments that were never uttered about the missile onslaught against Israel’s civilian population in the Negev. One of my favorite outbursts yesterday was made by Iran’s Supreme Leader (or is it fearless leader ?) who said that the Arab Nations should slap Israel in the face for the Gaza action. All I could think of when I read that one was millions of Jewish Mothers screaming “I paid good money for those braces—NOT IN THE TEETH !”

Along with any military action in the Gaza Strip Israel must also take up battle in the Public Relations war. Winning that will be easy, all they need to do is take the same approach that the Palestinian Terrorists do. It makes tons of sense, through their approach the PA has been able to get much of the world to accept terrorists as “moderates,” it should be able to get the world to accept a country defending its citizens as a country defending its citizens.

Here are the lines that Israel must feed the press to allow her self-preservation to be accepted as self-Preservation:

  • We didn’t attack the Gaza Terrorists, our “military wing” the IDF did.
  • We aren’t strong enough to stop them.
  • It was just the players from Israel’s new baseball league, haven’t you ever heard of ROID Rage?
  • The Occupation of the Temple Mount made our people go crazy.
  • Our Rabbis Preach Martyrdom–we don’t get 72 virgins we get something much better, 72 millennia of peace and quiet so we can take a nap.
  • We want a law of return –of Ratner’s on the lower east side.
  • Mecca is the 10th holiest JEWISH city it is where God gave Moses’ Sister Miriam the recipe for Brisket.

Some of these may sound absurd to you–but remember the Palestinians are using excuses like these to condone terror and nations across the world are lapping it up like cat with it’s milk. If they can be used to justify terrorism, just THINK what it can do to justify a legitimate reason such as protecting people from rocket attacks. After all, as we have learned–the truth does not work.