My Mother used to tell me that people who felt a need to constantly put down others have serious doubts about their own ability. Certainly General Wesley Clark fits into that category. Just a few days ago he put down Senator McCain because all he ever did was spend a few years in a POW camp. (I am sure McCain would have changes places with Clark at the time).

This isn’t the first time Clark has taken the opportunity to disparage an opponents military career. Four years ago, when he was convinced that he would be the Democratic party nominee, John Kerry won the Iowa Primaries so Clark went after Kerry’s qualifications.

“I think voters want a positive message and I think they’re looking for leaders who can bring this country forward, not just tear each other down,” General Clark said. “I’m providing a positive message about this country. I see not only a nation at risk today but I see a country that is full of promise and hope and potential for tomorrow. And that’s what we’re going to concentrate on.” General Clark could not resist taking a few jabs at Mr. Kerry, however. During an appearance on CNN’s “Larry King Live” as the Iowa results rolled in, former Senator Bob Dole said to General Clark that he thought the success of Mr. Kerry, also a decorated Vietnam War veteran, might have turned the general into a colonel. “Well I don’t agree,” General Clark said. “Senator, with all due respect, he’s a lieutenant and I’m a general. You’ve got to get your facts right.” Asked later about the exchange, General Clark acknowledged Senator Kerry’s military background. But, he added: “Nobody in the race has got the kind of background I’ve got. I’ve negotiated peace agreements. I’ve led a major alliance in war. It’s one thing to be a hero as a junior officer. He’s done that and I respect him for that. He’s been a good senator. But I’ve had the military leadership at the top as well as at the bottom.” NYT 1/20/04

Gee Whiz General, why do you feel so bad about your own experience, just because you were forced out of the Army? After all if there was a go it alone…trumped up war you did it in Serbia, when you bombed the hell out of the Serbs WITHOUT UN approval. Don’t you just hate that “cowboy” politics?