Its time for all of Jewry to rally behind OLMERT AND SHOW HIM SUPPORT! Not the Son of a bitch that is in the US today, I am talking about the one that was mayor of Jerusalem the one who made this speech delivered at the Binyanei HaUmah Convention Center in Jerusalem, in 1994 , excerpted below :

“There are those who say that there are some parts of the Land of Israel that cannot be given up, and others that can. [They say] with the same light-headedness that they are willing to give up some. They will also propose, at some time in the future, giving up the others. “I have come here this evening with my deputies from the Jerusalem municipality to say in the name of the large majority of the residents of Jerusalem that Hevron and Jerusalem are together in the struggle for the Land of Israel. Whoever fights for the integrity of Jerusalem and our sole sovereignty there, must also fight for Jewish Hevron under Israeli sovereignty. “On the day that we decide – [pause] – not us; someone else decides – that Hevron is not ours, he is at the same time decreeing the beginning of concessions in Jerusalem. We must not allow anyone this option. We must not allow any government this chance. “Together, Hevron and Jerusalem, the Land of Israel. We are not fighting here for geography, though that is something very important. We are not fighting here for territory, though that is something very important. We are fighting for history, faith, tradition, and the rights of our forefathers. We are fighting for the unbreakable bonds between the Nation of Israel and the Land of Israel, and between the past and the future for ourselves and for our children who will come after us in this land…”

A video clip of the speech (in Hebrew), can be viewed here