For almost ten years we have heard the same thing over and over, how the heck does a six foot four Arab who needs dialysis evade capture or death.  We don’t have to hear that anymore.  Today it has been announced that Osama Bin Laden has been killed at the hands of the United States, we have the body and the DNA proof.

According to sources, the terrorist mastermind was killed last Sunday, but the announcement was held off till the DNA results came back. One of the officials said that American forces, acting on intelligence, launched a “targeted assault”  that killed Bin Laden.

Some of the Reports say he was killed via a bomb other reports say he was shot. The important thing is he is dead and the USA killed him. Bret Baier has said that his sources told him that it a ground action, not a missile attack.

Apparently Bin Laden was sitting pretty in a mansion in Islamabad, the capital city of Pakistan.

Now we have his remains.

This is nothing but a psychological victory, it does not mean that the war is over and everyone can come home. But it is a tribute to the work of our heroes overseas.

This will be updated.

11:34 President Obama finally begins to speak (about an hour late). He begins with describing the horrors of 9/11 . He wasn’t killed in Islamabad Pakistan but Abbottabad Pakistan in the Orash Valley, 150 km north of Islamabad, and the operation took place today not last Sunday.(video of remarks below).

Abbottabad is a key city for the Pakistani Military. It is  the headquarters of a brigade in the Second Division of the Northern Army Corps as well as the Pakistani military academy. So the question arises how the hell didn’t they know he was hiding out there.

The President said we got the tip in August, the order was given last week, and carried out today.

It was a ground operation carried out entirely by US forces, and it seems as if we gave Pakistan the results once it was over.

Large crowds had formed outside the White House to celebrate, singing “The Star-Spangled Banner” and “We Are the Champions,” and shouting USA, USA!

11:59 Other Sources are warning that Al Qaeda will attempt to strike out at Western targets as revenge for the killing of Bin Laden.

Below is a Video Of the President’s Remarks.

12:17 AM Update According to the White House, They got the tip that he was in Pakistan in August. In February they discovered that he was Abbottabad and in mid-March they tracked him to the compound in Abbotabad which was away from the city center, with high walls. Three other Al Qaeda males were killed in the operation.  Our forces were on the ground for about 40 minutes. One helicopter got left behind because of equipment failure, but all of our heroes came home safe, thank God.

12:33 AM Update I have been told by a source with military connections that all military personnel in the NYC area who have security clearance have been told to report for a special briefing in the city tomorrow.

Below is a Google Earth Picture of Abbottabad. Look for a complex with 15 foot walls and barbed wire..I can’t see it can you?

12: 55 AM Update One of the other Al Qaeda people killed may have been Bin Laden’s eldest son. It has been confirmed that while Pakistan helped develop the lead but they were not told about the operation until it was over. There is another report that the complex which housed Bin Laden was only about five years old and was possibly built to house and protect the terror chief. And finally the White House has announced that Bin Laden’s body is being handled according to Muslim Religious Law.

1:32 AM CNN Sources in Congress report that Bin Laden was shot in the head. Video of the Bin Laden Compound

Here is where the compound was located, the “blue-roofed” building across from it is the
Govt Degree college Abboottabad for boys  a Military Academy

Pictures moved to Day Two See link below

2:28 AM The White House has announced that Bin Laden will be buried by 4:00 tomorrow in accordance with Islamic law (bodies must be buried within 24 hours).  The speculation is that he will be buried at sea so that his remains won’t become a terrorist shrine.

(There is no word where the family will be sitting Shivah)

This will be the Last Update Until the early in  Morning…time for a nap


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