Ladies and Gentleman Geraldo Rivera is angry.  In an op ed written for Fox News, he demands that his fellow news figures stop using the term “illegal aliens” to describe people who broke the law by sneaking into this country.

The story is therefore easy and cheap to illustrate. The fact that it is a lazy stereotype of undocumented immigrants, which ignores the hefty percentage of European, Asian, Australian and African visitors who overstay their visa is irrelevant, too complicated and lacking emotional punch.

Thus, the typical report consists of a TV anchor or radio talk host lamenting either how our nation is being drowned by the brown tsunami from south-of-the-border, how they are sucking the nation’s life blood or how one of the invading Latino hordes committed a crime, which is far more egregious than if a citizen committed the same crime, “because they had no right to be here!”

Further, no branding has proven more effective than the combination of two powerful pejoratives, illegal and alien.

Like the words ‘Jew’ or ‘slob’ or ‘slut’, the phrase ‘illegal alien’ has the elegance of being harsh, but defensible, if accurate. Although it can be used as a cutting reference, it can still be uttered in polite company without fear of raising many eyebrows, especially among those who feel similarly negative about the individual being described.

Excuse me Gerry but I am proud of the word Jew, and proud to be called a Jew. But then again, you are a Jew who has falsely charged the Jewish people with blood libel. (when Gerry the Jew was in the Middle East during the second intifada he accused the Israelis of inflicting terrorism as reported only on Israeli retaliation, never on the terrorist actions that them.

Maybe that’s it. Maybe Gerry just likes illegal activities. Does he call a car thief possessor of an undocumented automobile?

…..The decision came after the High Court was criticized for using the words “illegals” and “illegal aliens” in several opinions by Arizona’s Hispanic Bar Association, known locally as “Los Abogados,” which asked Chief Judge McGregor for the ban. Their reasoning is as obvious as the motive of those who resort to using the offensive language. The terms create a contemptible brand, which stokes anti-immigrant bias and in the process, “tarnishes the image of state courts as a place where disputes may be fairly resolved.”

Because the cause is righteous, the movement to ban the expression has recently been re-energized and may spread, perhaps first to Florida. There, Congresswoman Frederica Wilson, D-Miami, has introduced a bill to ban the phrase “illegal alien” from official state documents.

“I personally find the word ‘alien’ offensive when applied to individuals, especially to children,” she said recently. “An alien to me is someone from outer space.” While no penalty is attached for using the expression, the flamboyant Senator Wilson added, “we don’t say ‘alien,’ we say ‘immigrant.'”

Aside from its unstated but intended negative reaction, I have a lawyer’s reason for wanting media outlets like my own to ban or at least modify the phrase. Absent a finding by a judicial or administrative body, it assumes a legal conclusion, that a person has no right to be in the United States. Given that every person whose resident status is questioned has the presumed right to a hearing on the matter, with an appellate process following a negative result, isn’t the media’s use of the expression as lazy as assuming the guilt of a person accused of every other crime?

Maybe good old terrorist-loving Gerry Rivera has a point…maybe we shouldn’t call people who break the law by sneaking into the country illegal aliens.  I have a few suggestions:

  • Crooks Without Borders.
  • People From Other Countries Mooching Off of Our Tax Dollars.
  • Unlawful Entrants 
  • Wonderful People With a Crappy Sense of What is Lawful
  • Entrants Into The Obama Protection Program

and my personal favorite:

  • Gerry’s Kids

Unlike Gerry,  this “Jew” believes in the law. They are called illegal aliens because they came into the country illegally. Calling them undocumented immigrants is just plain stupid, it’s like calling bald people “follicly challenged,” fat people “caloricly dependent,” and people like Geraldo Rivera “suffering from ass-elbow displacement.”

Words are important, when you find progressive media types trying to force PC verbiage down our throats, what they are really trying to do is push a political agenda. Geraldo does that very well.  The same way he whitewashes the crime of sneaking into the country and goes after those who object, he whitewashed Palestinian terrorism while comparing the IDF to Nazis.

Makes one wonder what other crimes he condones.