Call it “The Convenient Truth” or “ManBearPig” gets exposed as a fraud, but a new documentary (embedded below) tears down many of the fraudulent points in Al Gores “The Inconvenient Truth”

The Movie is called “Policy Peril: Why Global Warming Policies are More Dangerous than Global Warming Itself,”  it is a 40-minute documentary produced by the Competitive Enterprise Institute (CEI), a free market group, and can be viewed below.

Gore is criticized from several angles. His claim that global warming has contributed to the spread of malaria in Africa, for example, is contrasted with evidence that malaria flourished in the 19th century United States, which was one degree cooler than today’s malaria-free America.

It is also noted that Gore’s citation of a recent outbreak in Nairobi, Kenya, which he says was previously too cold for malaria-carrying mosquitoes, is undercut by the fact that Nairobi also experienced significant malaria problems in the 1920s.

“Malaria is chiefly a disease of poverty, not of climate,” Lewis says in his narration – noting that contributing factors to the spread of the disease include poor sanitation and lack of pesticide use.

Also targeted is the idea that global warming is causing stronger and more frequent hurricanes. A recent study shows, for example, that worldwide hurricane activity has largely remained static since 1986 – increasing only in the North Atlantic, decreasing in the Northeast Pacific, and remaining largely the same in the world’s four other major hurricane basins.

“Policy Peril” also notes that Gore’s claim about increased economic damage caused by hurricanes can largely be attributed to the dramatic increase in human population near the coasts.

Adjusted for population, property values, inflation, and other factors, one expert in “Policy Peril” claims that not only have hurricane damages not increased, but the most damaging single hurricane was in 1926.

It is also argued in the movie that Hurricane Katrina was actually a weak Category I hurricane by the time it hit the city of New Orleans and that the damage caused by that storm is deemed a “civic failure” caused primarily by improper defenses around the city – not an increase in hurricane strength. (CNS News)

Watch the Video Below, take notes, pass it around, because unless we make it viral, it is doubtful it will get the same attention as Al Gore’s bogus “truth”

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