For those who continue to read between the lines of the geopolitical theater playing out, there is a potent fear that China is itching for a fight. warning about Chinese aggression

The communist regime has not only been inching ever closer to simply taking over Taiwan, but a recent push to acquire a massive glut of nuclear weapons has even America’s most powerful military leaders including Biden sycophant Gen. Mark Milley, a bit spooked.

“We’re witnessing one of the largest shifts in global geo-strategic power the world has witnessed,” Joint Chiefs of Staff Chairman Gen. Mark Milley said Wednesday when speaking about China’s recent military advances.

“They are clearly challenging us regionally and their aspiration is to challenge the United States globally

A potential shift in the global balance of power is worrisome to U.S. officials and lawmakers.


Milly was particularly concerned about the recent hypersonic missile launch:

A major example of the speed at which Beijing is moving was a test in August of a hypersonic weapon that partially orbited Earth, reentered the atmosphere and rocketed towards its target which it missed by less than 30 miles.

Milley called the test “very concerning” and “very close” to being a “Sputnik moment,” referring to the Soviet Union’s 1957 launch of the world’s first space satellite that gave Moscow a lead in the space race and shocked the United States.

China has maintained that the test was “a spacecraft, not a missile.”

Sure, and I have a full head of hair and can weight lift one thousand pounds.

On Wednesday, Milley called the launch indicative of “a much, much broader picture of a military capability with respect to the Chinese.”

“Today [China] has capabilities in space and cyber, land, sea, air, undersea, and they are clearly challenging us regionally. … So we have a case here of a country that is becoming extraordinarily powerful, that wants to revise the international order to their advantage. That’s going to be a real challenge over the coming years. In the next 10, 20 years. That’s going to be really significant for the United States.”

Concerns over this recent resurgence of Chinese aggression have been exacerbated by the purported relationship between the Biden family and major Chinese corporations. Some worry that the relationship could cloud the President’s decision-making on the subject. But maybe that will change now that Hunter is selling his kindergarten finger paintings.

The question is, if Biden does nothing to answer the CCP’s challenge by displaying America’s strength, will Milley say anything, or will he cover up for Biden the way he did in Afghanistan?

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warning about Chinese aggression