As regular readers know I am also writing for,, and for the next week I will be contributing a few posts at because my friend Ed Morrissey is in an anti-avocado reprogramming camp.

Many of the posts written for other sites would fit comfortably her on “The Lid,” so some of my favorites are described and linked below. The title of each post is hyperlinked to the full article. Please give a read and share with your friends:

    • The Obama Administration Has Become Iran’s Attorney It seems as if the Obama Administration has “switched sides,” playing the role of Iran’s attorney and explaining away their violations, rather than protecting the country by guaranteeing that Iran follow the JPOA.
    • REVOLT! County Clerks Refusing to License Same-Sex Marriages-The Supreme Court may have ruled that gay marriage is the law of the land, but five justices cannot change people’s religious beliefs. Throughout the country there are clerks whose responsibility is to issue marriage licenses resigning or refusing to license any marriage in protest of last week’s Court decision. Ironically these grass-roots actions are happening as America celebrates a protest against the British Crown that developed into the greatest home for freedom in the history of the world.
    • Obama Admin. Won’t Let Redskins Return to D.C. Unless They Change NameThe Obama administration is blocking attempts by the city of Washington, D.C. to lure the NFL Washington Redskins back into the District of Columbia from FedEx Stadium in suburban Maryland. The move would require an extension of the city’s lease on land owned by the federal government. But, the administration doesn’t want to extend the lease because they don’t like the team’s name.