Glenn Kessler, the so-called “fact checker” for the Washington Post, went on the attack Monday against Trump and his supporters who he says are incorrectly claiming that Biden is sending federal dollars to Michigan to pay rent costs for illegal aliens.

Kessler kicked off his April 29 “fact check” with comments by former President Donald Trump who asserted that Joe Biden is funding this rent assistance program in Michigan with federal dollars.

In Michigan, radical, left Democrat governor Gretchen Whitmer is handing out $500 a month in cash to anyone who accepts illegal aliens into your homes. Isn’t that nice? She’s calling the scam the Newcomer Rental Subsidy. In other words, she’s calling illegal immigrants — many coming from jails, many coming from mental institutions, many are terrorists — she’s calling them newcomers, isn’t that wonderful? And it’s all funded by federal taxpayer dollars distributed by crooked Joe Biden … Biden and Whitmer are selecting and stealing your money to give free housing to illegal alien migrants and then asking you to quarter these foreign armies. And that’s what they are, they’re armies.

Kessler also went on to quote Trump PAC MAGA Inc. which told supporters, “Did you see Biden’s paying rent for illegals now? They get handouts and we pay for all of it.”

This claim that Biden is funding rent payments for illegals, Kessler insisted, “is not true.”

The discussion is centered around the rent subsidies deep blue Michigan kicked off with its so-called “Newcomer Rental Subsidy” program.

The title of the program makes cynical use of the rebranding that liberals have launched to cajole people into thinking immigrants are less threatening by calling them “newcomers,” a more benign term than “illegal aliens.”

Kessler began his fact checking by admitting that the federal government does dole out millions to pay for rent for “refugees.” He does not point out, though, that many of these refugees do enter the country illegally, but once their status is refashioned with the official designation of “refugee,” they are technically advanced into a recognized status and they are no longer considered illegal aliens.

These “refugees” are then eligible to apply for rent assistance from the Office of Refugee Resettlement, a unit of the Department of Health and Human Services, Kessler added.

The “fact checker” also pointed out that Michigan claims it does not allow illegals to apply for the $500-per-month rent assistance and that only refugees, asylees, people with special immigrant visas who helped the U.S. government overseas, victims of human trafficking, Cuban and Haitian entrants, Afghan nationals and Ukrainians granted humanitarian parole are eligible for the welfare handouts. All these categories have a certain level of legal status and are not considered “illegals” even if they did come here illegally before being afforded their legal status.

Michigan Department of Labor and Economic Opportunity spokesman Jason Moon told Kessler that “The Office of Global Michigan only approves residents who are in the country legally as determined by the federal government.”

Kessler then exclaimed that because this rental assistance is a standing federal program, Biden may not even know about it.

“The link to Biden is even more dubious. This is a state program that has received federal grant money, but there is no indication that Biden is even aware of it. So it’s absurd to run ads that claim Biden is paying rent for immigrants who are in the country illegally,” Kessler exclaims.

Apparently, Kessler does not think the buck stops at the president’s desk and that what ever goes on during an administration is in the end attributable to the man in charge. At least, when Biden is in office, anyway.

Still, the existence of the program at all does lend credence to Trump’s main point that the federal government — whether Biden “knows” about it or not — is paying out millions in our tax dollars to import and support immigrants while millions of Americans struggle to pay their rent and support themselves even as they pay taxes to give immigrants a leg up past them.

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