I would start hiding your big soda cups if I were you, because if you think Hillary or Bernie want to take away freedoms, just wait for a President Mayor Bloomberg.  According to the NY Times some of the former Mayor’s buddies on Wall Street are urging Bloomberg to run for President as a third-party candidate.

Bill Ackman, the billionaire hedge fund investor who has historically supported Democratic candidates, buttonholed Mr. Bloomberg at a dinner party several weeks ago at Mr. Bloomberg’s Upper East Side townhouse and urged him to run.

Two weeks ago, Mr. Ackman publicly declared, onstage at a Bloomberg Markets conference, “He’s all the best of Trump without the worst of Trump.” He added: “I would do everything in my power to get this guy elected.” Joking about the cost of a campaign, he said: “It’s just one quarter’s dividend.”

The drumbeat grew louder in late September, when Ian Bremmer, president of the Eurasia Group, a prominent political consultancy, wrote this tweet: “Word from those that know: Mike Bloomberg now seriously considering Independent run.”

That’s not necessarily the case, as evidenced by Mr. Bloomberg’s reply to most of his pals: “Not going to happen,” he repeats, according to one of his close friends.

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The plutocracy’s renewed interest in Mr. Bloomberg pursuing a run for presidency is the confluence of several factors, according to conversations with some of New York’s business boldfaced names. One is an anxiety by some Democrats that Hillary Rodham Clinton has been forced to move too far to the left on issues related to business, regulations and taxes. Some Republican business voters worry that Jeb Bush, their preferred candidate, has become lost amid the attention heaped on Donald Trump and will struggle to gain the backing needed to win.

Virtually all business executives complain that none of the candidates have the experience managing and expanding large organizations that Mr. Bloomberg did in building his financial data and media empire, Bloomberg L.P., and running New York City for 12 years as mayor.

Before anyone rushes out to support the former mayor, lets sit back with a sugared soda of at least 17oz, smoke a good cigar, order a large pizza with extra triglycerides, and remember all that man has did for NYC, how he tried to take away our freedoms by trying to ban this, and that. Not all of his proposed bans were successful, but this is what he tried to take away:

According to the NY Times, even the owner of Fox News, Rupert Murdoch, recently tweeted: “With Trump becoming very serious candidate, it’s time for next billionaire candidate, Mike Bloomberg to step into ring. Greatest mayor.”

Bank chief executives, private equity bosses and hedge fund managers I spoke with have also implored him to run, but all except Mr. Ackman refused to go on the record, so as not to alienate the other candidates.

“People thought a billionaire couldn’t run for president,” Mr. Ackman told me in an interview on Monday. “Trump disabused everyone of that notion.”

But Mr. Bloomberg, 73, who has expressed skepticism that a “short, Jewish, divorced billionaire” can be elected president, has explained repeatedly to anyone who will listen why he thinks it would be so challenging to win. And unlike other candidates, Mr. Bloomberg doesn’t want to run unless he can win.

But think of all the stuff Bloomberg could do as president, he could offer to turn every federal monument to a mosque, and believe it or no, based on the NY Times report above, I have been given a list, so secret that he doesn’t even know about it yet, of what Bloomberg would ban if he became POTUS:




To: Staff

From: Emperor Bloomberg

Below is a list of things I wish to be banned should I run for President as the first step toward becoming Emeror. We wish you to begin work on the formal language and get back to us by next week.

New Regulations:

  •  Running with scissors will now be punishable with hard prison time. As the newly appointed head of the EPA, Sheryl Crow will have “police powers” to regulate the use of toilet tissue. Anybody using more than one square at-a-time will be prevented from making purchases of toilet paper for a period of no more than one year. Families that re-use their paper will get a break on property taxes.  Ms Crow will have the power to break into your home and examine the toilet contents before they are flushed.
  •  Any coffee or other hot beverage (decaf of course) must be consumed in a cup holding no more than 10 ounces. The cup must be brought to one’s mouth via the right hand, with the outside digit on that hand extended outwards.
  •  All Bars, Pubs and Taverns operating in the country must display a large banner with the following words. “In case of bar fight, PLEASE, no hitting near the mouth. Your mother paid a lot for the orthodontic work!”
  • Stores selling meats will no longer be allowed to sell packages of chicken with only white meat breasts or dark meat wings. We want to ensure that America remains diverse and inclusive.
  •  When the temperature falls below 50 degrees, all buses, trains and taxis operating in the country are prohibited from allowing people to board their vehicles if they are not wearing the proper hat and overcoat. Instead they will be sent home for the proper attire. Umbrellas and galoshes will be required on rainy days. Otherwise those people will catch a cold and/or flu, infecting the entire vehicle and driving up medical costs.
  •   Abortion because of gender selection will be promoted. There is nothing worse than trampling on women’s rights by barring them from killing female fetuses.

Oh and one last thing,  should I decide to run, and If get elected (of course I will), the title of President of the United States will be changed to Your Highness, Emperor of the World.

Hey, thanks Wall Street, first the “Great Recession, Now This!”