Guest post by Philip Hodges

What’s more surprising than Hillary posturing herself as “anti-Wall Street” is that people actually believe her.

Of course, that’s not surprising either. Her supporters will believe anything. Or, they just won’t care.

Hillary Clinton has the backing of hedge fund owners and employees. So far, she’s received about $48.5million in financial support from them. According to the Wall Street Journal, “The top five contributors to pro-Clinton groups are employees or owners of private investment funds.”

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That’s a lot of support coming from a group of people that Hillary claims to hate. The entire time she’s been campaigning, she’s railed against hedge fund managers and how unfair it is that they make so much money, but pay less in taxes than kindergarten teachers or bus drivers. “Hillary Clinton has the toughest plan to reform Wall Street, clean up the abuses…and close the carried-interest [tax] loophole that benefits hedge funds,” a Hillary campaign spokesman said.

Ironically, her own son-in-law – seen standing next to Bill Clinton at the DNC during Hillary’s speech – is a hedge fund manager. He and the other founders of the hedge fund are also former Goldman Sachs employees.

Speaking of Goldman Sachs, Fox News pointed out that “in recent years [Hillary] has received $21 million in speaking fees from Goldman Sachs and other Wall Street firms.”

Want to know how much Donald Trump’s gotten from Wall Street? A measly $19,000.

Wall Street doesn’t like Donald Trump, mainly because they view him as volatile and unpredictable – two things they also despise about the stock market. If only they could accurately predict what was going to happen, they could make untold amounts of money in no time. They like predictability. And my guess is that they’re not worried that Hillary will change the laws all that much or remove any “loopholes.” They know she’s not going to follow up on those promises.

They’ve got her right where they want her. Deep in their pocket.

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