Ever since Pamela Geller was named as a target of the ISIS connected terrorist in Boston, the anti-Terrorism activist has been on all the news shows talking about the threat. One would think that Pamela’s (BTW her name is not Pam) wanted to make the appearances to talk about her efforts to fight radical Islam and Jihadism and how the latest threats against her is another example of the Islamists attempt to control speech in this country, despite the first amendment.

Instead, just as they did during the recent incident during a draw Mohammed contest in Texas,  most interviewers make the issue Pamela’s intentions, why she chose radical Islam as her fight. Perhaps the most ridiculous question came out of the mouth from Erin Burnet who asked Geller if she relished being the target of a terrorist who wanted to cut of her head (see video below).

Whether or not they agree with her message or her methods, Pamela is an activist who is tirelessly tries to save our freedoms, she is also a loving mother of four daughters what can make anyone think that she is sticking her neck out so some crazy terrorist could slice her head off.

We didn’t hear the media interview the “artist” who placed a Crucifix in urine asking if he was just trying to get publicity? Of course there weren’t a  gang of Christians trying to behead the supposed artist.  Nor were is a gang of Jews going after the Daily Kos for their cartoons suggesting that Jews are blood-thirsty vampires. I also don’t remember the mainstream media interviewing Markos Moulitsas about why his his website taunts Jews.

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I have known Pamela for around eight years and while only she could truly explain her motivation perhaps I can come close. There are people in the world who see a wrong, give a quick “oh that’s so sad” and get on with their lives. Then there are others who see a wrong and go all out to kick its ass. That’s Pamela– someone who goes out of her way to do what is known in Hebrew, Tikun Olam, repair the world.

Why didn’t they ask Pamela her motivation when she organized an effort to place a tombstone by the grave of Aqsa Parvez who was murdered by her father in an honor killing in 2007.

Aqsa Parvez was buried in an unmarked grave. Her family refused to acknowledge her life, because she “dishonored” them. In defiance of her devout father she began taking off her hijab, the traditional Islamic headscarf, when she went to school, and would put it back on when she returned home. Her dad would go to her school during school hours and walk around trying to find her, trying to catch her not wearing Islamic garb, talking to boys or hanging out with “non-Muslims.” Pamela grabbed that wrong by the neck and did what she could to eradicate the evil. She raised money (and threw in her own) for a tombstone for Aqua’s grave. When the family refused to allow the memorial stone, she did not give up:

“.. we inquired as to purchasing a plot near Aqsa’s body, we could not. Not a tree. Not a rock. Not a bench. All the plots were owned by the Islamic Society of North America. I tried to contact the family at that time, but they would not take my calls — I spoke to the them once, but they pretended not to speak English. And they were adamant: the family refused to allow the headstone to be put on Aqsa’s grave, and according to the cemetery, could remove it if it were placed there by others.”

Feeling that this Muslim girl’s memory shouldn’t be tossed out like the trash, Pamela found a way to honor her memory— Aqsa Parvez grove and plaque in the American Independence Park in Nes Harim, Israel.

Yet instead of asking about what she is trying to do, the politically correct liberal media tries to ascertain her motivations, or complain about her methodology, or even worse suggest that she is working so hard just for publicity. In their laziness to do the job of a journalist, the media conveniently confuse someone who is a “take charge make things happen,” type of person with a publicity hound.  Allow me to change that because THEY are motivated by their desire to delight their politically correct leftist base the mainstream media ignores the basic purpose of journalism…to seek out the truth. Perhaps it is because are believe that Pamela is following the same path that they would follow in the same situation a cynical publicity driven path.

It’s time for people to understand, if you agree with Pamela’s warnings about Shariah and Jihad in this country, well get on board.  If you don’t agree with her methods–well then find your own way of doing it.  But just because the talking heads of the mainstream media sitting on their  arses and doing nothing, it doesn’t mean they have the justification to sit on the balcony and shoot verbal darts at the ones who are taking action.