The new Fox News Poll came out this afternoon and along with the usual approval ratings data, some of the numbers are perfect reflections of the voter’s anger with the programs coming out of our federal government. More than the programs is the fact that voters are angry with the methodology, how programs are being developed and a perceived ”elitism” of those in government.

There is one piece of good news, President Obama has brought the country together, because most of the disillusionment with the federal government is bi-partisan. Indeed. many of the key issues regarding health care show agreement between Democrats, independents and Republicans:

  • Read the Bill: Across party lines, 90%+ of voters believe that congress be required to read and know the details of a bill before they vote on it.
  • If its good enough for my kids its good enough for yours: If a public heath option is established  76% of Democrats feel that the President and Congress should be required to be a part of that plan. (83% of independents and 87% of GOP)
  • Slow Down: A plurality of independents (41%) and most Republicans (60%) think that congress is moving too fast on heath care reform. (only 14% of Dems.)
  • No Govt Heath Option: A plurality of Democrats (45%) and a majority of independents (59%) and Republicans (90%) say that if they were seriously ill they would rather be in a private insurance (vs Govt.) plan.
  • Belief in Obama’s Health Care Promise: Despite Presidential promises, 84% of Democrats  and independents believe that the health care plans now being developed will lead to increased costs and/or being forced to changed plans. (88% of GOP)
  •  No Way? Democrats are divided on whether or not its possible to have a Health Care without increasing the federal deficit, but independents (51%) and Republicans (66%) do not think its possible. 
  • Not This Plan: As you would expect Democrats support the plan being discussed in Congress (76%), but the independents (50% ) and Republicans (78%) would rather see Congress do nothing.
  • First Things First: Dems, Republicans and independents all believe that the first priority for the government should be fixing the economy, and the second should be creating jobs. GOP and Ind. believe that the deficit should be third and the Dems prefer health care.

While the Democrat’s in power tend to ignore the Republicans and just push through their agenda, they better be careful because many of the rank and file of their party agree with the GOP more than they agree with the democratic leadership.

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