Hillary Clinton isn’t sure that America is ready to handle a female president. She was asked that question in an interview with Vogue published on Wednesday evening and said:

The exchange tees me up perfectly to ask: If New York City still isn’t ready for its first female mayor, is the United States ready for its first female president? Why is this still such a hurdle for women in our country? “You know,” she says with a sigh, “I really don’t know. I think it’s gotten better. But I think there still is a very deep set of concerns that people have, which very often they’re not even aware of or they couldn’t articulate. There’s nothing overt about it in most instances. People are very convinced they want to vote for the right person. And then . . . you know, you get little hints that maybe they’re not as comfortable with a woman being in an executive position. Especially in a big, rough-and-tumble setting like New York City or the United States of America. But I think it’s changing. I’ve noticed a big improvement between now and the last time I ran.”

As she is with so many things Ms. Clinton is not being honest on this issue. I would suggest that even she doesn’t believe it. If she believed American voters weren’t ready to elect a female POTUS she wouldn’t play the “vote for me I’m a woman” card on what seems to be a daily bases. Clinton is simply making excuses in case she loses to Bernie Sanders.

The truth of the matter is a year ago the media along with most Democrats were ready to crown her president without an election. It was her turn they said, America was ready for a woman and she had an incredible resume first lady, US Senator from NY, and Secretary of State.  The Democratic Party even stacked the deck by scheduling each of their candidate debates for Saturday night.  The pundits assumed that Americans would surely rally behind her and the idea of the first female president the same way they rallied behind Barack Obama and the idea of the first Black president.

But that is not what is happening, while she is still leading that margin is dwindling.  And Hillary Clinton struggling to maintain the lead she does have. For example this weeks Nevada caucuses were supposed to be a runaway victory for Ms. Clinton, as of now it looks like a statistical tie.

Hillary Clinton’s difficulties have nothing to do with America feeling uncomfortable with a female president—America is uncomfortable with a possible criminal POTUS, who at the very least lied to the Benghazi families and played fast and loose with America’s secrets. Even the possible conflicts of interest between the state department and the Clinton foundation give voters an uneasy feeling about the honesty of the former secretary of state. Heck the woman is being investigated by the FBI.

Clinton and her team of talking heads try to make the honesty issue go away, they keep saying the various scandals are a non-issue, voters don’t care about them.  And who know they might not care about them on a scandal by scandal bases.  But in poll after poll, even the ones projecting her with a big lead, voters give Clinton low marks on trust.

As Politico reported a month ago:

Hillary Clinton is sliding in the polls against Bernie Sanders, and the insiders who make up The POLITICO Caucus have the diagnosis: Voters don’t trust her, and she doesn’t represent the change some Democrats want.


The Caucus members — an influential panel of the leading operatives, strategists and activists in the four early-nominating states, were asked to evaluate Clinton’s greatest vulnerabilities and given four choices: honesty and trust, the dynastic nature of her candidacy and a struggle to represent change, her economic policies and ties to Wall Street, or her foreign policies and since-renounced support for the Iraq War.


Their responses offered a revealing look at why Clinton is struggling, particularly in Iowa and New Hampshire, as the Democratic presidential hopefuls gather Sunday night in Charleston, South Carolina, for the fourth in their series of primary debates.


Economic and foreign policy issues barely registered, but Democratic insiders were split evenly between honesty and trustworthiness on the one hand and Clinton’s inability to be a change agent on the other.


“People feel she is not genuine,” said one Nevada Democrat


It looks as if Hillary Clinton’s years of scandal, lies and coverups have caught up with her. Sure her husband got away with his baggage, but Mrs. Clinton is nowhere near the politician as is Bubba. He would bite his lower lip, say he feels our pain and voters would fall swoon and forgive him. On her part Hillary just whines that people don’t love her because she’s a woman.  Wrong! People don’t like her because she lies to them and the FBI may want to put her in jail.