Proof voter fraud

One of the most sacred rights and responsibilities of American citizenship is voting. We are supposedly guaranteed one man-one vote, that every person’s vote is worth as much as every other person’s vote. If there is voter fraud, it reduces the impact of legitimately cast ballots.

This year, leftists and their media buddies are pushing for mail-in-voting. They claim that voter fraud doesn’t exist–a lie.  Not only is there proof voter fraud exists for mail-in and other types of voting. Increasing voter fraud and guaranteeing the election goes their way is precisely the reason they are pushing for mail-in voting and claim anyone who objects is trying to limit minority voting.

Sorry liberals, while unicorns, monsters under your bed, and hair comb-overs that look good, do not exist, voter fraud exists. Also true is the fact that the same liberals who kept telling anyone who would listen that Russia rigged our elections and the Trump team helped them rig it are now swearing to us that our elections are tamper-proof and mail-in ballots cannot possibly be vulnerable to fraud.

On July 24th, The Atlantic reported that 20% of NYC’s primary absentee ballots were screwed up:

More than a month after New York’s June 23 primary elections, state election officials are still counting votes. In some legislative districts, they haven’t even started counting absentee votes. In the best-case scenario, election officials hope to declare winners by the first Tuesday in August—six weeks after Election Day. It might take a lot longer than that. Election officials in New York City have already invalidated upwards of 100,000 absentee ballots—about one of every five that were mailed in from the five boroughs. And furious candidates are already filing lawsuits charging discrimination and disenfranchisement.

The chaos in New York is a warning about November’s elections: Voting is being transformed by the pandemic. But no state has built new election infrastructure. No state has the time or the money to make sure vote-counting will go smoothly in November. And just about every state is about to be hit with a massive surge of absentee ballots.

“This is what happens,” a New York election official told me over the phone last week, “when you jury-rig a system that hasn’t been designed or implemented or tested before.”

In New York, the election infrastructure was overwhelmed by a massive increase in voters requesting absentee ballots rather than risking voting in person. Ballot-printing firms couldn’t keep up with demand, and the already rickety U.S. Postal Service didn’t move the ballots to and from voters quickly enough.

On May 26th, the same day that Twitter started using the liberal media to ‘fact-check’ President Trump about mail-in-ballot election fraud, the DOJ announced they are pressing charges against someone involved in absentee ballot voter fraud! 

ELKINS, WEST VIRGINIA – Thomas Cooper, a mail carrier in Pendleton County, was charged today in a criminal complaint with attempted election fraud, U.S. Attorney Bill Powell announced.

Cooper, age 47, of Dry Fork, West Virginia, is charged with “Attempt to Defraud the Residents of West Virginia of a Fair Election.” According to the affidavit filed with the complaint, Cooper held a U.S. Postal Service contract to deliver mail in Pendleton County. In April 2020, the Clerk of Pendleton County received “2020 Primary Election COVID-19 Mail-In Absentee Request” forms from eight voters on which the voter’s party-ballot request appeared to have been altered.

The clerk reported the finding to the West Virginia Secretary of State’s office, which began an investigation. The investigation found five ballot requests that had been altered from “Democrat” to “Republican.” On three other requests, the party wasn’t changed, but the request had been altered.

Cooper was responsible for the mail delivery of the three towns from which the tampered requests were mailed: Onego, Riverton, and Franklin, West Virginia. According to the affidavit, Cooper admitted to altering some of the requests, saying it was a joke.

A joke? Not very funny.

That’s just two examples—outliers? No.

Four weeks ago In Paterson, New Jersey, a city councilman, a councilman-elect, and two of their buddies got caught with their hands in the mail-in ballot cookie jar:

The investigation by the Attorney General’s Office of Public Integrity & Accountability (OPIA) began when the U.S. Postal Inspection Service alerted the Attorney General’s Office that hundreds of mail-in ballots were found in a mailbox in Paterson.  Numerous additional ballots were found in a mailbox in nearby Haledon.”

Here’s another, this one from May 2020, per the Philadelphia Inquirer:

A former judge of elections and Democratic committeeperson from South Philadelphia has pleaded guilty to accepting thousands of dollars in bribes to inflate the vote totals for three Democratic candidates for Common Pleas Court judge in 2015, and for other Democratic candidates for office in 2014 and 2016, U.S. Attorney William M. McSwain announced Thursday.

Domenick J. DeMuro, 73, pleaded guilty to conspiracy to deprive Philadelphia voters of their civil rights by fraudulently stuffing the ballot boxes for the judicial candidates and for other candidates seeking office in the 2014 and 2016 primary elections. And he admitted violating the Travel Act, which forbids the use of a cell phone to promote illegal activity, McSwain’s office said.

DeMuro didn’t even believe that screwing the voters was a big deal, either that or he’s a cheap date. He didn’t ask for much money to commit election fraud. The guy was only paid between $300 and $5,000 for each election per the report.

Okay, that’s only four cases—big deal.

Does anyone remember how Comedian Al Franken beat Senator Norm Coleman in 2008? It wasn’t an SNL sketch, and absentee ballot fraud was suspected.

This is how the Wall Street Journal reported it at the time:

 The vanishing Coleman vote came during a week in which election officials are obliged to double-check their initial results. Minnesota is required to do these audits, and it isn’t unusual for officials to report that they transposed a number here or there. In a normal audit, these mistakes could be expected to cut both ways. Instead, nearly every “fix” has gone for Mr. Franken, in some cases under strange circumstances.

For example, there was Friday night’s announcement by Minneapolis’s director of elections that she’d forgotten to count 32 absentee ballots in her car. The Coleman campaign scrambled to get a county judge to halt the counting of these absentees since it was impossible to prove their integrity 72 hours after the polls closed. The judge refused on grounds that she lacked jurisdiction.

According to conservative statistician John Lott, Mr. Franken’s gains so far are 2.5 times the corrections made for Barack Obama in the state, and nearly three times the gains for Democrats across Minnesota Congressional races. Mr. Lott notes that Mr. Franken’s “new” votes equal more than all the changes for all the precincts in the entire state for the Presidential, Congressional and statehouse races combined (482 votes).

This entire process is being overseen by Democratic Secretary of State Mark Ritchie, who isn’t exactly a nonpartisan observer. One of Mr. Ritchie’s financial supporters during his 2006 run for office was a 527 group called the Secretary of State Project, which was co-founded by James Rucker, who came from [George Soros] The group says it is devoted to putting Democrats in jobs where they can “protect elections.”

Ken Paxton, the Attorney General of Texas, wrote that “going back more than a decade and continuing through the present day, around two-thirds of election fraud offenses prosecuted by my office have involved some form of mail-ballot fraud.”

Paxton provided some examples:

One man pleaded guilty after forging 1,200 mail-in ballot applications, resulting in 700 suspected fraudulent votes in a 2017 Dallas election. He was identified after a voter, whose ballot he harvested, snapped a photo of him on her cellphone.

“Authentic” signatures are also collected from voters, either under false pretenses or by experienced harvesters who confidently gain compliance from voters, as illustrated in a video that surfaced during the 2018 primary in the Houston area.

The anonymous video appears to show how easily a ballot application and signature were collected from a voter by a campaign worker in less than 20 seconds. After providing her signature, the voter asked the worker: “Is this legal, what you’re doing?” The worker replied: “Yes, ma’am, we’ve done 400 already.”

In South Texas, a former U.S. Postal Service employee was convicted of bribery in a federal prosecution in 2017 for selling a list of absentee voters to vote harvesters for $1,200.

There’s plenty more. In fact, the Heritage Foundation published a searchable list they describe as a sampling of voter fraud. The list contains  1,285 cases of voter fraud, at least 220 of those listed cases involved absentee ballots.

Each case on the list includes a URL for the original independent source. The list includes.

  • 1,110 criminal convictions
  • 48 civil penalties
  • 95 diversion programs
  • 15 judicial findings
  • 17 official findings

I am sure that a Google search would lead to thousands of other examples.

If the Leftists, the Democrats and their sycophants in the media really cared about disenfranchising voters, they would fight against watering-down the impact of the votes of American citizens who are voting legally.  But it’s become evident that they aren’t striving for “one man, one vote,” they are trying to skew elections their way and change the United States, the greatest nation on Earth, into just another failed socialist nation.

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