For the past three days I have been editing a second site called Viral Footage, along with The Lid. Unlike this site, Viral footage is comprised of 100% videos.

Each morning M-F, I post seven videos. Generally two of them are political oriented, the rest are news worthy, satirical, funny or just interesting in other ways. 

Viral Footage is not my site, it is owned by John Hawkins (Right Wing News) and has been around for a few years. I hope to put my own stamp on Viral News, while not alienating the large fan base that John developed. This site however, remains my number one priority.

Each day I hope to post here on The Lid the a hyperlinked list of Videos put up on Viral Footage so you folks can visit the videos in which you are interested. Here’s is today’s list.

I hope you enjoy this new feature on The Lid and promise that this site remains my number one priority.