Every week since the summer my friend Rich leads a Peaceful counter-protest against an anti-war group in West Chester, PA near Philadelphia. Rich a Navy Vet and his group of faithful patriots just want to show their support of our heroes overseas protecting our butts with their lives. The Anti-War group that appears across the street has been getting increasingly agitated, not only by the message of support displayed by Rich’s group, but by the classy way they convey their message. Last week thing turned violent (on one side anyway) when a man who claims he is a Veteran for Peace…got “un-peacful” and took his frustrations out by striking a woman on the “Support the Troops” side:

Violent “Peace” Protester Hits Girl Blogger

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Atlas readers are very familiar with long time reader Rich who was so inspired by what one individual can do he started his own counter anti-war group in Philly to stand up against a weekly motley crew of seditionists, traitors, and and your regular weak, run of the mill group of hippie leftists. I ran previous reports of his work here and here. Well the anti-war cowards don’t like to be challenged or questions or called out on their lies especially by proud patriots. So they cry and whine and stomp and wail and summon the police but to no avail. Rich and his wonderful patriots grow and grow ….so the anti-war leftards resort to ….. violence. Now that’s rich, Rich.
Here’s last week’s story.

Peace Protester hits female blogger – the video. 7 months ago, a retired Navy veteran named Rich Davis began a counter-protest against a group of peace protesters near Phila, PA. The leftists had been protesting against Bush and the troop’s mission every Saturday in West Chester, PA for the last 5 years. Last Saturday, one of the peace protectors, a man who carries a “veteran for peace” sign,became unhinged and struck a conservative female blogger who had been covering the counter protests since they began. There were about 50 peace protestors and 25 pro-troop protestors present. The police arrived and when they attempted to question “the slugger” – he resisted and shoved the policeman – resulting in his arrest. A fellow peace protestor was arrested for interferring with the police while they were handcuffing the “the slugger”.

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My friend Alan posits:

One good question to put in Meicht and Grant’s faces is this – they scream they’re not traitors, well, here’s a way to put them to the test. Ask them if they know anything about ANSWER? who runs it, who is behind it, where they get their funding from. The answer to ANSWER is that it is headed by one Brian Becker of the Socialist Workers Party, or Progressive Communist Party of the U.S.A. – a coterie of former Trotskyites led by a Sam Darcy who broke with Trotsky’s disciples – the guy himself had been long dead, pick-axed in the brain by the Stalinists – to – yep, become Stalinist Communists, Maoist (until he met Nixon), and then following Enver Hoxha in Albania. Becker – a “Red Diaper” (sad to say) Jewish-born self-loathing Fascist, has journeyed throughout the world to places few of us would ever want to go – he has been a honored guest of Kim Il Jong, who treats him to lavish feasts while babies are starved or froze to death in the wastes of North Korea’s Gulags. He has been to Iran, openly supports Hamas, and sympathize with Bin Laden – Becker was one of the first to urge NO U.S. Imperialist response to 9/11 – in short, a Stalinazi fascist. He and his brother lead ANSWER, alongside a few other fellow Stalinazi fascists. ALL of this may be found on David Horowitz’s excellent FrontPageMag site. If Grant and Meicht – striking a woman is sure the way of an American soldier, pardon my deep sarcasm – still argue they’re not traitors, then the evidence is right in their faces. They are. Ask Grant if he’d like to join his Uncles Adolf and Joe?

The blogger is known as Skye and I met her recently at the CPAC convention. Here’s a picture of Skye at yesterday’s rally in West Chester where she was presented with a “Combat Action” ribbon by Rich Davis.

Rich_sky Skye and Rich here

Here is Skye’s actual video showing John Meicht striking camera on Mar 22. NOTE: Meicht, who claims to be a Vietnam Veteran, loses his cool during a verbal altercation with a female Veteran of the Air Force and suddenly strikes at Skye who was videoing it. – see the shocking video here.

Here it is: In the video you will see John Meicht – the man who hits Skye, Dee – an Air Force Veteran, and John Grant – the president of the “Veterans For Peace” –
Compare it to John Grant’s video and

Please read his unbelievable (yet typical) description of the video. You won’t believe the spin on his video……

Also notice how Grant describes the video – he blames the whole thing on the troop supporters.

“A wounded combat Vietnam veteran member of the Chester County Peace Movement is harassed and provoked, then pointed out to “Tom,” a local cop, by Chester County Victory Movement leader Rich Davis as hitting a CCVM video provocateur “in the face” when all he was doing was pushing her camera out of HIS face. The vet is, then, knocked to the roadway and handcuffed. Trial to come.” ( Grant’s description here) Note: The peace protestors have been playing victim and demonizing Rich Davis calling them “Jack-botted thugs”, “full of violence and hate” and “old men fullfilling wet dreams by sending younger men off to war” since they arrived last September. They don’t like that they can no longer protest unopposed. They have recruited the bottom of the barrel extremists and groups include, “Veterans For Peace” – (a continuation of the Vietnam Winter Soldiers and ally of the Iraq Vets Against The War) and Women in Black (a group that recently gave Code Pink leaders their annual “Vagina Warrior Award”). Rich Davis calls his group the Chester County Victory Movement (CCVM). Check out their blog www.americansheepdogs.com. And they have received a lot of support from the Gathering of Eagles (www.gatheringofeagles.org). Atlas salutes the GOE and CCVM for not letting these “propagandists for the enemy” go unopposed. “PINO” (peace in name only) protestors around the country are mischaracterizing our troops, undermining their mission and attacking our military recruiters, and should be opposed whenever possible. NEVER AGAIN, NOT THIS WAR, NOT THESE TROOPS.
It’s John Meicht with his “veteran for peace” sign.

Rich_warriors GREAT SHOT OF GREAT AMERICANS. For those who ask me who will save the world….. here’s your answer. American_sheepdogs The women! Those wild and wonderful women! And Neocon who has been covering these rallies since the onset has a treasure trove of photos here. UPDATE: Just to give you an indication of what lurks in the hearts of these America haters – here is an excerpt from the leader of this “peace” group, Karen Porter. Porter’s 3/30/08 newsletter (Peace Digest, Vol 48, Issue 24) contains this gem: (hat tip x__dhimmi) Our own Richard MacIntyre Going to North Korea I covet Richard’s trip. I find North Korea, with its extreme isolation, an incredibly mysterious place I’d LOVE to visit. Well, Richard is going there – I’m happy for him. And Richard should be the one going, having served in the Peace Corps in Korea and having kept up his interest and love for the country, as well as having built homes for Habitat for Humanity in so many places, domestic and foreign. So: If you’re like me, eat your heart out – and wish Richard a safe and wonderful trip!!–Karen P. GOD BLESS RICHARD!!!!!