Arlen Specter is one of those 98% of Politicians that give the good 2% a bad name. He is the ultimate political opportunist. When Specter ran for ran for reelection as Philadelphia district attorney in 1965, he proudly proclaimed himself a “Kennedy Democrat,” who changed parties to run as a Republican only to take on what he saw as the corruption of the machine. To be honest, it was his only chance to keep the job.

This year Specter changed parties because of what he called a movement of his Republican party to the right. In truth he made the move to have a shot at keeping his job. Very little has changed about Specter in the intervening 44 years. He makes no qualms about having an ideology. The guy just wants a job.

In the video below you can see Specter in 1994, during the Clinton Administration when he was a Republican, he is standing in front of a very familiar looking chart bashing Hillarycare just as ardently as he supports Obamacare today. Proving  the man is just a low-rent snake oil salesman.

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