Yesterday we learned that the President hasn’t met with his Jobs Council since Mid-January.

Instead of working on the economy Obama spent the first two years of his presidency ramming Obamacare down our throats.  Ever since he has been working on; raising money for his re-election bid, campaigning and his golf swing.  Is there any wonder why jobless claims are still high? (Maybe it’s just that the economy is racist)

U.S. jobless claims jumped 34,000 last week to 386,000, unwinding a sharp drop in the prior week, amid typical summertime fluctuations in auto-industry employment, the Labor Department reported Thursday. Auto manufacturers usually schedule brief shutdowns of plants each summer to retool for new models, but the timing and size of temporary layoffs can vary. As a result, the claims report tends to be volatile in July. Economists surveyed by MarketWatch had projected claims would climb to 365,000 last week.

The economy doesn’t get fixed by wishing our problems away, nor does it get fixed via campaign fundraisers at Sarah Jessica Parker, George Clooney or other star’s homes.  As a long time golfer I can also tell you that the only thing I have ever found on a golf course are lost golf balls so he can stop searching for solutions on the links.

Maybe it’s time for Obama to work on the economy.  Or better yet, maybe its time to replace him with a POTUS who will work on the economy.