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“We’ve seen a really strong uptick in Islamophobia recently – primarily sparked by the controversy over the Manhattan Islamic center,” Ibrahim Hooper, CAIR’s chief spokesman, told reporters at a press conference Wednesday. “We’ve seen hate vandalism at mosques in California; in Tennessee, we had an arson attack; at a mosque in Arlington, Texas, we had an arson attack; and something that wasn’t even reported nationwide, in May we had a bomb attack at a mosque in Jacksonville, Florida,” he said.

Hooper said the attacks could be driven by many factors: “The question is, why? Is it tied to the November elections? Is it tied to the rise of the Tea Party movement? Is it tied to the economy?” he asked. “I think it’s pretty clear that it’s been sparked…by these hate groups and their opposition to the Islamic community center in Manhattan.”

CAIR National Executive Director Nihad Awad was even more direct, saying that the Tea Party and the GOP have given the “green light” to a nationwide campaign to deny Muslims their civil rights and ultimately expel them from the United States.

Excuse me Mr. Awad….but we don’t want to expel Muslims from the US, we want to expel terrorists like you and some of the other leaders of your terrorist cabal.

The terrorist leader then pointed fingers at specific people

“Unfortunately, this is done, we believe, for political convenience and reasons. The Pamela Gellers and Robert Spencers, they’re trying to spool religious hatred against Muslims for obvious reasons – because they do not want Muslims to be in the United States,” Awad said.

Funny, I know Pamela and Robert pretty well, neither of them has ever supported Hamas, in fact I have only known them to do “good deeds” Muslims. For example when Aqsa Parvez, a young 16-year-old Muslim girl, was killed by her brother and father because she was getting too westernized, her family buried her without a tombstone.  It was Pamela and her readers that raised money for a memorial. There is no greater act of charity than honoring the dead, because it an act for which you can never receive a thank you.

Awad, who was caught by the FBI in meetings with Hamas, went beyond Pamela and Robert as his targets, he named the GOP and the Tea Party movement as the groups responsible for the anti-Muslim campaign.

“Secondly, yes it is a mid-term election year, and unfortunately the Tea Party and the Republican Party have given the green light for these people to defame and stereotype Muslims, and unfortunately as we’ve said, these have led to violence against Muslims.”

But wait, according to the FBI violence against Muslims has declined every year since 2001. In fact, its extremely rare.

When CNSNews.com asked whether CAIR agreed with Park51 planner Imam Feisal Abdul Rauf that America was an “accessory to the crime” of 9/11 and that Osama bin Laden was “made in the USA,” Hooper said that a reasonable debate was no longer possible.

He also called the Park51 project a “test case” for religious freedom. “It’s gone way beyond whether you think the project is wise, is a good project, whether you think the sponsors are the best sponsors or they’re not — it’s gone way beyond that,” he said.

But wait, Hooper didn’t answer the question.

Asked whether there is any legitimacy to the debate over Park51, Hooper repeated his assertion that anti-Muslim “hysteria” had turned the project into a test of religious freedom itself.

Awad, however, called it a “false assumption” that Islam and 9/11 are connected. He said it really doesn’t matter where the Islamic center is built.

 But wait, Hooper didn’t answer the question. And if it really doesn’t matter where it is built then why don’t they move it. The people who are opposed to the mosque have said over and over they are not opposed to the mosque itself, they are opposed to the location of the mosque. And of course Hooper’s “false assumption” is a false assumption.  The people who committed the terrorist acts on 9/11 did so in the name of Allah. If Hooper doesn’t understand that, maybe he should talk to his boss Nihad Awad, friend of Hamas.

CAIR is little more than a terrorist group masquerading as a human rights organization, while free-speech protects their ability to spew their nonsense and call everyone an agitating Islamophobe,  maybe anti-terrorism laws should should have some of their leaders making those speeches from Jail.