WAY TO GO MOSES!! . For decades some have been complaining if Moses had only made a right turn after he led the Israelites across the Reed Sea the Jews would have the Oil, the Arabs would have the desert and the world would be much better off. Moses’ sense of direction is making a comeback.

Last January a major supply of natural gas was found off the coast of Haifa, Israel’s major port city. In December, a significant quantity of oil was discovered near Rosh HaAyin, a city located east of Tel Aviv on the western edge of Samaria.

In February two different finds of Natural Gas were found off the coast of Israel. For the Mira Prospect, the best estimate of gross prospective sales gas resources is 4.24 TCF (trillion cubit feet)  and for the Sarah Prospect, the best estimate is 1.47 TCF. The high range is 7.34 TCF

Last week the US Geological Survey released a report saying the Levant Basin Province which runs up the Mediterranean Sea the length of Israel (see above), through Lebanon and the bottom tip of Syria contains an estimated 1.7 billion barrels of Oil and 122 TCF of natrual gas (that’s the best guess estimate, some project the actual reserves may be double)

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“The Levant Basin Province is comparable to some of the other large provinces around the world and its gas resources are bigger than anything we have assessed in the United States,” said USGS Energy Resources Program Coordinator Brenda Pierce.

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One international firm is already involved: Noble Energy. Fred Zeidman, author of the report say that where Noble goes the rest of big oil follows: 

“It happens all the time,” Zeidman said. “We see in the US that the moment a company discovers oil or gas that can be transported, there’s a crazy rush to the region by other companies, and that’s a function of the size of the reserves found. Around the world, as soon as Noble goes to a place, many other companies follow in its wake. The prospects here are amazing, and I have no doubt that we’ll see an economic boom, and a rush of more companies to Israel from overseas following Noble.”

Thank God that Israel is not following the US President’s lead by restricting off shore exploration. Now if we can only get the President of the United States to tap America’s reserves, we would no longer need to import energy, and the President would no longer have to bow before the King of Saudi Arabia.