According the Jerusalem Post, Mahmoud Abbas might be preparing a little Shabbos present for Hamas—a coup (see Is Mahmoud Abbas planning a coup on Saturday?) The two factions have been battling for power ever since Hamas won the last election. The real question is what will be the result of the impending civil war ? In other words,”is it good for the Jews”?
Let me suggest that whatever the outcome, it will not be good for Israel. If Hamas is victorious, Europe will go back to its traditional path of supporting Palestinian Terrorist leaders. Russia has already announced that Hamas should not be ignored. Look for Europe to once again demonstrate its lack of backbone and eopen the floodgates of aid. Of course this will be done without the quid pro quo of renouncing terror or recognizing Israel. They did it with Arafat; they will do it with Hamas.
A Fatah victory may be even worse. Abbas has been able to cloak himself in the guise of a moderate despite not making one move toward ending terrorism. Stewart Ain of the Jewish Week conducted an interviewv with Yuval Steinitz, former chairman of the Knesset Foreign Affairs and Defense Committee. In the interview Steinitz told Ain that he does not understand why the West is treating Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas differently than the way it treated his predecessor, Yasir Arafat.
Actually, there is not much difference between the two, Both of them could speak here and there against terrorism and in favor of a diplomatic settlement, but both were totally reluctant to fight terrorism on the ground or to make even a minimal effort to fight it.
In a sense, [Abbas] is even worse than Arafat because he enabled Hamas to participate in parliamentary elections and to join the government, which is a clear violation of the Oslo accords, he said. Arafat never invited Hamas to share power in the government (read the whole article here).
Should Fatah end up victorious, Not only will the dollars start flowing back into the terrorist weapons caches, but the world community will go back to pressuring Israel to make greater concessions, without even a hint of peacemaking from the other side. If you think this week’s visit from Mr Solina of the EU was bad, You Aint seen nothing Yet!

So will it be an EXTRA” Gut Shabbos”? I am not really sure; a Palestinian civil war is bound to happen, if not this Shabbos, maybe next, or the one after that. Either way, the parties will engage each other on the battlefield very soon. Unfortunately, it is the way they do business.

It was reported this week that Israeli and Diaspora Jews are beginning to feel like separate communities. That has to end now. The only way we can ensure that a war between two Palestinian terrorists groups will be “good for the Jews” is to remain united as a people in our support for our homeland. Especially in the face of what will be ever mounting pressure for her to make unreasonable concessions. And as a community all branches of our faith must unite and pray for G-d to protect and preserve his gift to us, Eretz Yisroel. And maybe while HaShem is at it, he can give the “western world” a little backbone to stand up to those who would harm innocents in Israel, Gaza and the entire world. Only then will it be an EXTRA “Gut Shabbos”

Quote of the Day

To lighten things up a litte, I had planned to post my favorite Parsha Noach Midrash today (the one written by Reb Bill Cosby). But as I was wandering through the blogisphere, I noticed that many of my friends who write Jewish blogs already posted the famous routine. So rather than be redundant, I decided to post a line from the musical soundtrack of the musical 1776, which I was listening to as I drove in to work this morning.

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These words were spoken by the fictionalized John Adams, our second president, but they could have been spoken by any American today, almost 250 years later:

I have become confinced that one useless man is a Shame, Two useless men a Law Firm, Three or more—A Congress
I do believe you’ve laid a curse on North America
A curse that we now here rehearse in Philadelphia
A second flood, a simple famine
Plagues of locusts everywhere
Or a cataclysmic earthquake
I’d accept with some despair
But, no, you sent us Congress.
Good G-d, sir, was that fair?

John Adams From the Play 1776

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