Ten Days from now Ehud Olmert, Condi Rice and Mahmoud Abbas are going to sit down at table and try to “make peace.” This accelerated process designed to make Jim Baker and the EU happy is destined do be disastrous. Look at the facts:

  • Even Olmert admits that in the three months since the “cease-fire” not a day has gone buy without the Palestinians violating it.
  • Many of the violations have been committed by Fattah-led organizations (Abbas’ terrorist group) that still calls for the destruction of Israel in their charter.
  • Even though Abbas has authorized many of these terror attacks, even though his public speeches have called for violence against Israel—Abbas is still the fair-haired “moderate” child of Europe, the United States and even Israel.
  • Olmert is seen in the Arab world as a weakling who will not protect his country. There is a reason for that—HE IS !!!
  • Every time Israel has attempted peace it has lead to War. Since 1999, three successive Israeli prime ministers have voiced their support for a Palestinian state, and stated that they will make painful compromises:
    • The State of Israel does not wish to control you and your future.We want good neighborly relations with you based on respect and liberty, on broad coordination, on shared interests, and on a separation that will allow you and us to maintain independent identities, development, and free choice.—Prime Minister Ehud Barak,
    • We would like you to govern yourselves in your own country—a democratic Palestinian state with territorial contiguity in Judea and Samaria and economic viability, which would conduct normal relations of tranquility, security, and peace with Israel. —Prime Minister Ariel Sharon, December 2003
    • In the framework of this dialogue, and in accordance with the Road Map, you will be able to establish an independent and viable Palestinian State, with territorial contiguity in Judea and Samaria—a State with full sovereignty and defined borders.-Prime Minister Ehud Olmert, November 2006

Each and every time the hand of peace was offered it was slapped away. Even if a “peace ” is made this time it will eventially lead to more attacks. Because in reality the Palistinians do not want peace—they want Israel, piece by piece.

So in ten days the “dance of peace” continues. But it in reality it is a dance of destruction–more wars and more death of both Israeli and Palestinian innocents. Abbas’s Fatah as already announced how they are going to deal with the push for peace.

Abbas’ group threatens suicide bombings ‘There are martyrs on their way to Israeli cities (World Net Daily)

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Less than a day after rival Fatah and Hamas factions signed an agreement to form a unity government, the declared military wing of Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas’ Fatah party today threatened to immediately send suicide bombers into Israel. “There are martyrs on their way to Israeli cities. We will keep sending bombers until we infiltrate and carry out an attack,” Abu Nasser, deputy commander of the Al Aqsa Martyrs Brigades in the northern West Bank, told WND.

Together with the Islamic Jihad group, Fatah’s Al Aqsa Martyrs Brigades has taken responsibility for every suicide bombing in Israel the last two years, including a bombing two weeks ago in Eilat and an attack in Tel Aviv last April that killed eight Israelis and American teenager Daniel Wultz

As Bette Davis said in all about Eve, “Fasten Your Seatbelts, It’s going to be a bumpy night”

P. David Hornik in today’s Front Page magazine put together a brilliant piece that talks to the absurdity of the negotiations:

Israel’s New Sunni Friends
By P. David Hornik
FrontPageMagazine.com | February 9, 2007

Israel’s response—just as with last week’s suicide bombing in Eilat—was to do nothing. One could almost hear the clucks of admiration from European diplomats and State Department peace processors.Speaking on Tuesday night to the Conference of Presidents of Major American Jewish organizations, Prime Minister Ehud Olmert said that since the November ceasefire Israel has shown tremendous restraint while the Palestinians have not honored the ceasefire for even a single day. As if to punctuate his words, on Tuesday six more Qassam rockets were fired from Gaza, one hitting the fence of what was described as a “strategic facility” south of Ashkelon, one crashing into the field of a kibbutz. At a time when Holocaust memorials are springing up all over, nothing seems more inspiring than the sight of the Jewish state leaving its citizens defenseless. The daily terror experienced by the residents of Sderot and other near-Gaza communities is somehow outside the Circle of Compassion that is still large enough to shower the Hamas-run Palestinian Authority with vast sums in aid. If Israeli citizens are under violent assault and Israel’s government instructs its army neither to protect them nor to respond to the attacks, it must be a sign that peace is approaching. Indeed, the idea that Israel, Sunni Arab states, and the Palestinian Authority are about to band together against the Shiite Crescent while wrapping up all their disputes is the latest hit. After all, some Sunni leaders made positive noises last summer when it looked as if Israel might be about to trounce Hezbollah in Lebanon. This obvious realpolitik—of course you would want someone you hate to beat someone else you hate who is menacing to you—was interpreted in the West as heralding the Golden Age. So a three-way meeting between Olmert, Mahmoud Abbas, and Condoleezza Rice is now set for February 19. Abbas seems to have grasped that, as the world’s designated “Palestinian moderate,” he is a privileged being who is beyond the normal standards of empiricism and rational assessment. That is, he can get away with anything. Last January 11 it was: “We should put our internal fighting aside and raise our rifles only against the Israeli occupation” and “The sons of Israel are mentioned [in the Koran] as those who are corrupting humanity on earth.” This week—in the context of Israel’s building an improved ramp to the Temple Mount, and of his meeting in Mecca with Damascus-based Hamas terror kingpin Khaled Mashaal—it was: “We must unite the Hamas and Fatah blood in the struggle against Israel as we did at the beginning of the intifada.” None of this stops Abbas from being treated as a world statesman by America’s top diplomat. The ramp in question is supposed to replace a temporary ramp that engineers determined to be unsafe. It enables access—for everyone, emphatically including Muslims—to the Temple Mount and is not on the Mount itself. Israeli law mandates an archeological dig before the construction can start, and the dig is now under way—60 meters from the Mount. But none of these mundanities seemed to trouble Israel’s Sunni friends. Back in 1996, the then designated moderate Yasser Arafat used Israel’s extension of a tunnel two football fields away from the Mount to spark a bloody mini-war. This week Raed Salah, leader of Israel’s homegrown Islamic Movement, said: “The danger in Jerusalem has increased. It is high time for the intifada of the Islamic people.” Member of Knesset Talab al-Sana of the United Arab List declared: “The Israeli government is again provoking the Muslim world and the Palestinian people, and is not hesitating to ignite the region. . . ” Mashaal, Abbas’s conferee, chimed in with: “Israel, which today is playing with fire when it touches Al-Aksa, knows the consequences.” Hamas prime minister Ismail Haniyeh intoned: “The continued Israeli aggression against Al-Aksa Mosque and Jerusalem require all Palestinians to unite and remember that our battle is with the occupation.” And what of King Abdullah of Jordan? Did he seek to calm the winds, throw water on the flames? No, he said: “What Israel is doing in its practices and attacks against our sacred Muslim sites in Jerusalem and al-Aqsa is a blatant violation that is not acceptable under any pretext. . . . This is a dangerous escalation we have seen in the last few hours…. These works and excavations pose a threat to the foundations of al-Aqsa.”
Soft breezes of friendship also were not blowing from the Sunni colossus to Israel’s west, Egypt. In a new trumped-up affair ominously reminiscent of the case of Azzam Azzam, a Druze Israeli who was judicially kidnapped in Egypt for supposed spying and held in appalling prison conditions for eight years, Egypt has arrested a 26-year-old Egyptian-Canadian and charged him and three Israelis with spying, asking Interpol to track down the Israelis and arrest them. On Tuesday Israeli public security minister Avi Dichter said, “I talked with people in Israel who probably may know about this issue. I would summarize it in one word—nonsense.” But why would Egypt, if it sees Israel as a valuable ally against the Shiite Crescent, again be trampling human rights and picking such a fight? None of it stopped Foreign Minister Tsippi Livni, who knows what the audience wants to hear from a good Israel, from saying on Tuesday, “It is clear right now that we are on the same side—Israel, the moderates in the Palestinian Authority, the moderate Arab state leaders—and it is important that we use this opportunity to find out what is the best way to use this understanding. . .to determine what it is possible to achieve, so that Israel can put on the table its needs that are connected to furthering progress.” Of course, there could be possibilities of covert, pragmatic cooperation between Israel and Arab parties jointly concerned about Shiite encroachment. Stranger things have happened in the face of a common enemy. If so, those Arab parties would be much more likely to see Israel as having something to offer if they perceive it as strong and resilient. An Israel reduced to letting its citizens be attacked with impunity while mouthing formulaic inanities only sparks the sort of intensified contempt and aggression we now witness against Israel from all Sunni directions.