This Morning Hamas terrorists fired on the IDF from the UNRWA compound. Israel fired back, wounding two workers. As you would expect UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon,  expressed “strong protest and outrage” at the reported shelling of the UN compound.

Defense Minister Ehud Barak told reporters following a meeting with United Nations Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon Thursday afternoon that Hamas terrorists are deliberately positioning themselves next to U.N. buildings.

The Defense Minister said after the meeting, which included International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC) President Jakob Kellenberger, that Hamas has continued to use Gaza civilians as human shields while “firing at IDF soldiers from next to U.N. installations.”

He added that “IDF soldiers – in self-defense – have responded, and will respond, to any attempt to attack them.”

Barak assured Ban and Kellenberger, however, that the IDF would do “its utmost to prevent injury to non-combatants and will allow all necessary assistance to the U.N. organizations’ humanitarian activities.” (source)

The truth is the United Nations is to blame as much as the terrorists who fired mortars from the UN Compound.

For years, the UN has been sitting on it’s “petards” trying to define terrorism so they can then call it a crime against humanity. What the United Nations has been missing this whole time is all they had to do is click their heels together three times and say, “there’s no place like home,” because one of their own organizations, the United Nations Relief and Works Agency (UNRWA) is a classic example of a terrorist operation.

The UNRWA operates like Crack Cocaine. It lures you in with a high, creates a dependency, an then destroys your life. It’s not a chemical dependency but a financial dependency. UNRWA is a self-perpetuating bureaucracy, and like all self-perpetuating bureaucracies, their mission is to maintain the status quo. The status quo in their case means preventing peace.The Agency was founded to help the Palestinian refugees (yep its just for them) improve their lives, but it acts as a recruitment, promotion and planning arm of the terrorist organizations:

Fred Gottheil of the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign characterizes this as UNRWA’s “moral hazard” saying that UNRWA works to perpetuate the Refugee problem:

“the result was the creation of a perverse set of incentives among refugees that discouraged many from pursuing viable options to their long-term refugee status. It also encouraged many non-refugees in the region to attempt to register for refugee status or at least to take advantage of the entitlements UNRWA offered. Finally, UNRWA’s half-century tenure as a caretaker agency helped create a relatively large and influential bureaucracy that, as stakeholders in the provision of entitlements, pursued self-serving agendas that tended to perpetuate the Palestinian refugee condition rather than its resolution….” In short, the system encouraged refugees to remain that way forever rather than to shed that status. As such UNRWA fits this rubric because of how it works in tandem with Palestinian society, which would also provide pressures to ensure those so defined remained permanently as disadvantaged refugees.

The UNRWA is Structured in a way that will enable the UN’s Arab countries to use it as a political tool:

This is reinforced by the fact that, structurally speaking, the Commissioner of UNRWA works in an exceedingly political stage while receiving little if any guidance from the Advisory Commission or the General Assembly. As Edward Buehrig writes, “paradoxically, because of the highly political context in which UNRWA operates, the Commissioner General receives little guidance from either the Advisory Commission or the General Assembly. This leaves to him and aides the major burden of political determination. This freedom is what enables the Commissioner the ultimate autonomy to push whatever political agenda he/she desires or, perhaps more accurately, to accede to the non-UN pressures of Arab states or radical Palestinian groups.(Buehrig, Edward H. The UN and the Palestinian Refugees, Bloomington: Indiana University Press, 1971, P. 57)

Since its inception UNRWA has became a vehicle for Arab propaganda and incitement towards violence. As Israel’s first director-general of the Foreign Ministry Walter Eytan explains,

“The refugees were a gift to Arab propaganda, which succeeded, by perverting the facts, in turning them into the gravest political liability with which Israel has had to contend in the first decade of her existence. Wherever in the “Western” world anti-Israel feeling exists, it draws its inspiration primarily from the Arab refugees. For all her efforts, Israel has never succeeded in freeing herself from the reproach leveled at her by Arab propaganda – that she drove out the refugees in the first place and has since cruelly denied them the elementary human right of ‘returning home,’ and that in doing so she has ‘defied’ the United Nations.”

In addition, Israel’s first Prime Minister David Ben Gurion bluntly described the Israeli obstacle of finding a resolution of the Arab refugees saying that, “the fact that Israel is trying to solve the refugee problem proves that she has an interest in its solution. This alone is enough to damn any such attempt in Arab eyes.”

And although, some support the Palestinian “right of return” out of good-hearted naiveté many others have a different agenda. Their purpose is not the resolution of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, but the destruction of Israel. As one of Yasser Arafat’s closest advisors, Saker Habash, once commented, “The right of return is our winning lottery ticket for the destruction of Israel.”  Source UNRWA: Refuge Of Rejectionism

There is proof that the UNRWA has become an educational arm of Hamas in Gaza.  They teach the violent Hamas platform and it becomes a cycle of violent education. Teachers are typically alumni of the UNRWA school system, they perpetuate the curriculum of hate their terrorist handlers have taught them.

For example, Suheil al-Hindi an UNRWA teachers’ representative in 2003, applauded suicide bombings in a school in the Jabalya refugee camp in Gaza. Instead of condemnation, al-Hindi received a promotion and was subsequently elected an official in the UNRWA union.

The increasing numbers of UNRWA teachers who openly identify with radical groups have created a teachers’ bloc that ensures the election of members of Hamas and individuals committed to Islamist ideologies. Using their classrooms as a place to spread their radical messages, these teachers have also gravitated to local Palestinian elections. Thus, UNRWA’s education system has become a springboard for Hamas-affiliated Palestinians with political aspirations. For example, Minister of Interior and Civil Affairs Minister Saeed Siyam of Hamas, was a teacher in UNRWA Schools in Gaza from 1980 to 2003. He then became a member of UNRWA’s Arab Employees Union, and has headed the Teachers Sector Committee. Other notable Hamas graduates include Prime Minister Ismail Haniyeh, who received his education at UNRWA schools, and Abd al-Aziz Rantisi, the former Hamas chief, who attended the UNRWA secondary school in Khan Younis and graduated top of his class. Source UNRWA: Refuge Of Rejectionism

UNRWA institutions have produced terrorist terrorist masterminds.

As Dore Gold, former Israeli ambassador to the UN, writes, UNWRA has produced graduates like Ibrahim Maqadama, who “helped create the military structure of Hamas.” Gold notes that, “at least 46 terrorist operatives were students in the UNRWA schools.”

During this Gaza War UNRWA Schools, hospitals and now the Gaza compound has been used as bases for firing at Israeli soldiers. The UNRWA has denied that any of its facilities can be used as a terror base but they have no controls to prevent it.

There are even examples before this conflect of UNRWA people and facilities being used for Terrorist Operations:

For example, Nidal Abd al-Fattah Abdallah Nazzal, an ambulance driver for UNRWA from Kalqiliya in the West Bank, was arrested by Israeli security services in August 2002. Nidal admitted that he was a Hamas activist, and that he had transported weapons and explosives to terrorists. He transported these weapons in his ambulance, taking advantage of the freedom of movement afforded to UNRWA vehicles by the Israelis.

Nahd Rashid Ahmad Atallah, a senior official of UNRWA in the Gaza Strip, was also arrested by Israeli security in August 2002. In his capacity as an UNRWA official he provided support to families of wanted terrorists, on behalf of Fatah and the PFLP.  Additionally, he used his UNRWA car in 2002 to transport armed members of the Popular Resistance Committees, the most extreme Palestinian faction which has been linked to al-Qaida, to carry out attacks against Israeli troops at the Karni passage. The same group was responsible for the killing of three U.S. government employees, security guards protecting a State Department delegation travelling to the Gaza Strip to help students there obtain scholarships. Gold, Dore. Tower of Babble How the United Nations has Fueled global Chaos, New York: Crown Forum

The New York Times revealed in 2000 that UNRWA was allowing 25,000 Palestinian youngsters to use their schools disguised as “summer camps” for terrorist groups to provide military training. Children, ages 8 to 16, were taught how to prepare Molotov cocktails and roadside bombs.

May 2008, of Awad al-Qiq Died. He had a long career as a science teacher in an UNRWA school and then had been promoted to run its Rafah Prep Boys School. Qiq was also the leading bombmaker for Islamic Jihad. He was killed while supervising a factory to make rockets and other weapons for use against Israel, located a short distance from the school  Source

Qiq was thus simultaneously building weapons for use in attacking Israeli civilians while indoctrinating his students to do the same thing. Islamic Jihad did not need to pay him a salary for his military and militant activities since the UN, and American taxpayers, were already doing so.

So let the UN Complain about attack on the UNRWA…the fault is their own.

Note: Many of the examples in this post were originally researched by my friend Barry Rubin in the Article UNRWA: Refuge Of Rejectionism There is much more about the UNRWA in that article I reccomend you read the entire peice.

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