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As mentioned previously, along with my duties here at The Lid, I have been contributing to a new media watchdog My work there is focused on media bias which, as it turns out is more wide-spread than I expected.

Since I last shared with you on Monday morning, there have been thirteen more media bias incidents published under my byline (and there have been many more written by others).

Below is the list of the unlucky 13 (unlucky because they got caught) along with summaries.  The headline of each is hot-linked to the full article. Please give them a read.

A Moment of Uncomfortable Honesty on MSNBC

There was an uncomfortable moment on today’s Now With Alex Wagner program when guest Jeff Greenfield accused his liberal colleagues on the panel of being policy advocates as well as journalists. The host and the three other panelists– David Korn of …

Juan Williams: Administration Hid Issues For Political Reasons (And That’s O.K.)

Tuesday night’s Fox News Special Report with Bret Baier featured an “All-Star Panel” discussion of the technological issues surrounding the introduction of One question raised was

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NY Times White House Correspondent: Image of Cheney As Bush Puppet Master is Cartoonish
Morning, NY Times White House correspondent Peter Baker was a guest on
the Morning Joe program. He was there to discuss the account of the Bush
administration published in his new book, “Days of Fire.” During a
conversation with host Joe Scarboro …

Chris Matthews Calls Ted Cruz Racist
There is a common joke made by politicians of all political persuasions. Making fun of the federal government’s reputation of being out of touch with the people, upon returning to the home district the politician will declare, “Gee it’s gre …

Guardian Columnist: Race Is Central To The Fear And Angst Of The US Right
It’s a common crutch for the mainstream media and progressives in general, when they cannot debate facts or feel their policy cannot be defended to rely on calling their opposition racist. Yesterday’s Guardian (a UK newspaper) ran a column by G …

MSNBC’s Melissa Harris-Perry: Illegal Immigration is the Modern Form of Slavery
Sunday morning on her MSNBC program Melissa Harris-Perry and guests discussed the new movie ” 12 Years A Slave,” the story of Solomon Northup, who was born free, went to Washington D.C. to find more work in 1841, but was beaten, drugged and sol …

Fareed Zakaria: Conservatives Are Racists Who Hate America
In less than 80 seconds on this morning’s Global Public Square, which appears on CNN and CNN International, Fareed Zakaria described conservatism as a negative political philosophy, the Tea Party as a radical group like the Black Panthers, and con …

Public Believes Bigger ObamaCare Problems Are Ahead
The mainstream media and Obama administration are telling the public that the problems with ObamaCare are limited to the disaster associated with the rollout of According to a new Washington Post-ABC News poll, the public doesn’t se …

NBC Contributor’s Racist Attack

NBC News contributor on Iranian affairs Hooman Majd, adviser to two Iranian Presidents, Mahmoud Ahmadinejad and Mohammad Khatami, attacked fellow Iranian and Wall Street Journal assistant books editor Sohrab Ahmari as “ WSJ’s (Iranian) House Negro.” …

CNN Buries Crucial Fact About Latest Anti-GOP Shutdown Poll
The big story from CNN on Monday was their latest CNN/ORC poll. Under the headline GOP, Boehner Take Shutdown Hit In New CNN Poll the network revealed 44% confidence in the President versus 31% in Republicans in Congress; 63% said John Boehner (R-OH) s …

ABC’s Jonathan Karl Battles Jay Carney To Get Answer to Simple Question
The line of questioning in today’s press briefing with White House press secretary Jay Carney centered around the failure of the Obamacare website, CNN’s Brianna Keilar asked Jay Carney if the website would be fixed, and if the indiv …

MSNBC’s Alex Wagner: Cheney Was Bush’s Heartless Puppet Master

On her MSNBC program today, Alex Wagner poked fun at Dick Cheney’s heart disease before branding George Bush a mindless marionette to Cheney’s puppet master. The topic for discussion was Cheney’s new book ” Heart,” which discusse …

Washington Post’s E.J. Dionne Declares The Era Of The Far Right And The Era Of The Tea Party Is Over

The Washington Post’s E.J. Dionne was a guest on NBC’s Meet The Press this morning. Dionne declared both the Tea Party and conservatism dead: I think that the era of the far right and the era of the Tea Party is over. We wasted $12-24 billion of …

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