On Wednesday, Democrat Rep. Jamaal Bowman went ballistic over a proposal by Republican Rep. Thomas Massie to provide more security for children in schools.  Rather than have a civil conversation about the matter, Bowman threw a temper tantrum and began screaming like a banshee, acting like a mad dog.

Massie calmly presented his idea and the data to back it up, but Bowman didn’t want to hear it.

The confrontation was caught by several people who witnessed Bowman’s temper tantrum.


Actually, there was no “shouting match.”  Bowman was the only one shouting.  Massie was cool, calm, and collected, while Bowman acted like a Democrat.  He clearly didn’t want to hear anything Massie had to say,

And for the complete crazy Bowman…

Democrats don’t reason.  They filibuster and throw a temper tantrum when people disagree with them.


Bowman IS a gun-grabbing Democrat, so…

He wasn’t finished, however, and took his profane argument to Twitter, where he demonstrated to the world what Democrats consider a “reasonable” argument to look like:

This ladies and gentlemen is the modern, unhinged, childish, and tyrannical Democrat Party.  They are incapable of reason or logic.  Let that sink in.

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