Patrick Pouw is a Dutch journalist who is frightened about the growth of Salafist Islamism in Holland. The Salafist Movement is an ULTRA-ULTRA Brand Of Islam. Al-Qaeda leader Osama bin Laden is a Salafist. This is by far the fastest growing movement of Islam in Holland.

In 2007 that Patrick Pouw joined a group of young Salafists in the Dutch city of Utrecht and followed a yearlong Salafist course given by Suhayb Salaam, son of the radical Salafist cleric Ahmed Salaam. Pouw managed to win Suhayb’s trust and the trust of his Salafist fellow students, and they usually did not conceal their real views. Pouw recently published a shocking book about what he heard from Suhayb and his students

Below are some excerpts that will make your hair stand up:

They Don’t Say What they Really Mean: There is, for example, a wide gap between what they say in public and what they say and believe in private or when they are among themselves. Publicly, Suhayb condemned violence preaching tolerance and “multiculturalism” but when he was lecturing to his pupils in that small classroom in the city of Utrecht he said that those who “betray” Muslims must be beheaded. Such people are “spies” and decapitation is the only proper punishment for them, Pouw heard Salaam say. “I saw how his eyes were cold and full of hatred, just like they were on that other occasion when he called on his students to burn Bibles.”

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Concealing your real feelings and views, or “takiyya,” is also typical for the behavior and tactics of these fanatics. When Ahmed and his son Suhayb were interviewed on Dutch television, they said quite different things than what Pouw had heard from them privately. On TV they were not talking about hating the infidels or the obligation for Muslims to leave Holland. Instead, they suddenly emphasized “unity in diversity” and “integration.”

Muslims Must hate all Non-Muslims. Allah had declared war on the infidels. All infidels are enemies of Allah. Muslims must hate the enemies of Allah, they must see them as their own enemies. That is an obligation, Suhayb emphasized. Those unbelievers who oppose Allah and Islam must be utterly detested. And those unbelievers who do not fight against Allah and his prophet, must be hated, too, yet they must be treated with respect. It is up to Islamic scholars to decide on the question who opposes and who does not oppose Allah and Islam. “We must follow their opinion on this issue,” Suhayb told his students.

After Patrick Pouw had written a summary of what Suhayb had said and handed this text over to him, he (Suhayb) just commented: “Very good.” Suhayb was opposed to any attempt to organize a “dialogue” between Muslims and non-Muslims. That is “Haram”, forbidden, and dangerous, he said. Do not discuss private matters with unbelievers, Suhayb advised his students. Select your friends with care, create more distance between you and your non-believing friends. Suhayb also said more than once that he distanced himself from any Muslim who lives among the infidels. He advised his students to leave Holland and go to a Muslim country.

No Such Thing as Freedom of Religion. Unbelievers who are living in an Islamic state have only three options: become a Muslim themselves, pay protection money or leave for another country. If they do not make a choice, the only option left for them is persecution by the Islamic state. When a student asked Suhayb: “Isn’t there freedom of religion?” he resolutely replied: “No, there is not.” This is the totalitarian mind of Muslim fanatics who publicly preach peace and harmony in the West where they are being sheltered but what they really want is nothing else but to abolish our democracy and freedom replacing it by a Taliban like state

The Usual Jew Hatred. Allah cursed the Jews,” Suhayb said in one of his lessons. He referred to an old Islamic text from the “Hadith” (=Islamic tradition) which said that the Jews possessed a lot of knowledge, yet they declined to accept the prophet Mohamed. “The Jews are cursed because they knew the truth, but they did not follow it,” Suhayb said. “This is not the case with the Christians who are not cursed. They are just erring.” It is not allowed for Muslims to read the Bible or the Torah, Suhayb told his students. It is dangerous, even if you do so with a view to being better able to contest the views of Christians and Jews..”

Women are to be controlled/ Polygamy is Preferred “The Dutch civil wedding act is invalid because it is not in conformity with Islamic guidelines set out by the prophet,” Suhayb told his students. “Brothers and sisters who married this way, must split up immediately, live separately for three months in order to find out if the woman is pregnant and then go to the imam straightaway and arrange an Islamic marriage.”

The Muslim prophet Mohammed himself practiced polygamy, so why should a fanatical Salafist follower of his decline to do so? And the more children the better. Suhayb’s father Ahmed Salaam is married to two wives. Patrick Pouw learned that the same Ahmed also conducted the Islamic wedding ceremony for his son Suhayb in his Salafist mosque in the city of Tilburg. (According to the Dutch Intelligence and Security Service AIVD, this very mosque received money from Saudi Arabia.) But Suhayb has another wife, too, in Syria that is. He also has two children there whom he visits regularly. Pouw writes: “Weeks ago he discussed the topic of polygamy in the classroom. ‘Of course, it is allowed for Muslims to take a second, third or fourth wife. It is no problem at all, as long as you can financially support them. Did not the prophet Mohammed have more wives?”‘ “It is the man who decides if he wants to take a second wife,” Suhayb said. “Women have no say in these matters.” “It is the duty of the wife to be faithful to her husband, not the other way arround.” Of course, the Salaams, both father and son, would never say such things on television. There would be an outcry. Polygamy is strictly forbidden in the Netherlands. Yet, a gradual “Islamization” is taking place in Dutch society. You now see lots of veiled women everywhere – even in smaller cities where you did not see them ten years ago.

Salafist Islam is highly discriminatory for women. Patrick Pouw reports that Suhayb once said that women were not allowed to travel alone. Traveling without being in the company of a “mahram” (a male family member or husband) is forbidden for women. And if a woman wants to study law, it is preferable for her to study “Islamic law,” not the kind of Dutch law that is being taught at universities. Other academic studies such as philosophy, psychology or economics are equally “haram.” Women are not allowed to shake hands with men or vice versa. Women must wear the “Niqab,” a kind of gloomy long usually black dress which also covers most of the face. These women really look like ghosts….In an Islamic state it is allowed to stone women when they commit adultery and cut off the hands of thieves, Suhayb said.

The Future. Salafism is increasingly popular among young Dutch Moroccans, according to the recent Dutch doctoral dissertation “Zoeken naar een ‘zuivere’ Islam” (Searching for a “Pure” Islam) written by Martijn de Koning, an anthropologist. Salafist movements and “their version of ‘pure Islam’ gives them (these youngsters, EV) a powerful identity coupled with a feeling of moral superiority,” De Koning writes.

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