Holy Freeking COW ! I cannot believe what I have just read. U.N. Middle East envoy Michael Williams is complaining that Israel has not done enough to prop up Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas. He minimized the sacrifices that Israel has already made to its security by saying

Israel’s release of some 250 Palestinian prisoners and transfer of frozen tax funds to Abbas as “positive signs” following Hamas’s takeover of the Gaza Strip in June, Williams told reporters: “I’m concerned that we haven’t seen further steps. I’d like to see further steps.” Reuters

Excuse me Mr. Williams but could you please answer me this? “WHAT HAS ABBAS DONE TO PROP UP OLMERT? The guy has a five percent approval rating…thats lower than the US Congress !” I always thought a negotiation requires step by both sides, for peace it takes two to tango–but Abbas is sitting on his backside just waiting for Israel to capitulate.

Williams (who is about to become Britain’s Mid East negotiator) also criticizes Israel for not opening more border crossings to Gaza. Hey you want border crossings…Talk to Egypt..they have a boarder with Gaza !

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Williams told reporters: “I’m concerned that we haven’t seen further steps. I’d like to see further steps.” OK Mr Williams you want a step. Why don’t we relocate all of your friends and loved ones to Sedrot. Send your children to the nursery School that keeps getting hit by rockets.

Why don’t we take down all of the road blocks in the west bank..but at the same time have the British Royal Family spend their days patrolling the roads in the area..in nice cars with Jewish Stars on them…its not like they have a real job.

Oh one more thing –the Anglican Church never owned Canterbury Cathedral, it is the second holiest spot in all of Judaism. On that spot 500 years ago Morris Rabinowitz who owned a Kosher Ale House got the Idea for the first Early-Bird Special–so you guys will just have to get out.