Freelance Israel Hater John Dugard is at it again. This hitman for the UN Human rights commission has published a report under the auspices of the UN which says UN Report: Palestinian Terror is Understandable:

“common sense … dictates that a distinction must be drawn between acts of mindless terror, such as acts committed by al-Qaida, and acts committed in the course of a war of national liberation against colonialism, apartheid or military occupation.” The report calls for an end to the Israeli occupation, citing the country’s checkpoints and roadblocks restricting Palestinian movement, house demolitions and the “Judaization” of Jerusalem…..while Palestinian terrorist acts are deplorable, “they must be understood as being a painful but inevitable consequence of colonialism, apartheid or occupation.” Source Report: Israeli occupation causes terror

Common sense dictates? I think it was Will Rogers who said the problem with common sense is that it ain’t too common. ” Dugard kind of reminds me of the days when people in the US would blame rape victims for being raped (or Saudi Arabia today).

This kind of report is nothing new for John Dugard he is the UN’s Hired Anti-Israel Gun. His previous efforts have been just as bad. Dugard, formerly campaigned against South Africa apartheid. He has said often that racist policy of apartheid is similar to that of Israel. He has defined Jews as a “race” and charged that the Israeli army is guilty of terror worse than that of Arab terrorists.

Dugard has written
that “Israel’s laws and practices in the [Palestinian Authority (PA)] certainly resemble aspects of apartheid. Can it seriously be denied that the purpose of such action is to establish and maintain domination by one racial group, Jews, over another racial group, Palestinians, and systematically oppress them?”

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He has accused Israel of terror by flying jets that set off sonic booms, forcing “residents to live in fear of settler terror.” [technology can be a bitch] Dugard also alleges that Israel still is “occupying” the Gaza region despite the expulsion of Jewish residents from their communities over two years ago. “Gaza became a sealed off, imprisoned and occupied territory,” he wrote.

The UN does nothing about Darfur but once again nails Israel for trying to protect itself.

What about the Egyptian side of the Gaza Boarder, why don’t you say anything about the Hey Duggy (can I call you Duggy ? It sounds so much nicer than what I want to call you).shmendrik Mubarak? Let him feed them and give them power.

At least he mentions the terrorism this time, last February the fair-minded Dugard said “restrictions on trade and movement” have created conditions where “the poorest families are now living a meager existence totally reliant on assistance, with no electricity or heating and eating food prepared with water from bad sources.”

HOLY CRAP–NO POWER? GEE Those poor terrorists will miss American Idol tonight.