Today, I spent my lunch hour at the UN protesting the appearance if the Iranian Tyrant President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad in front of the General Assembly. For those who couldn’t make It–I took some pictures please forgive my lack of photographic skills.

The Good:

I arrived about 11:45 by Noon the crowd went all the way past Second Avenue probably about 25,000 people . It was an amazing feat that the organizers put this together so quickly

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Curtis Sliwa of Guardian Angels was by far the most effective speaker. He had spirit, he had power, and he had the guts to do what the Jewish Speakers wouldn’t do –Take on CBS owner and “MOT” Sumner Redstone for allowing 60 Minutes to give anti-Semite Ahmadinejad a platform, both last year, when self hating Jew Mike Wallace called the tyrant pleasant and not an anti-Semite at all, and yesterday when they couldn’t find the time to ask Ahmadinejad about his Holicaust denial.

Congressman Nadler had a good line. He said that Freedom of Speech means that a University like Columbia can invite whomever they would like to speak on their campus. But that doesn’t mean that they should be stupid enough to invite a tyrant like Ahmadinejad to speak. Its nor a freedom of speech issue, its a matter of morality.

The Bad:
To be honest, there was a long parade of every politician who ever served in the tri-state area. There were too many speakers and besides Curtis, it seemed as if none of them knew how to excite the crowd. Tzipi Livni spoke and I resisted the urge to start a “Save the Temple Mount Cheer.” It was just a month and a half ago that I attended another rally the one for Ehud Goldwasser, Eldad Regev, and Gilad Schalit there were fewer people at that event but there was much more ruach. Guys when it comes to speakers, its quality not quantity. It was a rally not an oration class. By the time the Rally was an hour old I turn around and two thirds of the crowd had left—I don’t blame them.

To many of the speakers concentrated their talk on Israel. Ahmadinejad’s visit is not simply an Israel issue…the bastard wants to blow up the US also.

The Ugly
Those Bastards who are Chassid Look alikes were there with signs saying that The Talmud says there can’t be an Israel. (they aren’t Chassidim. The Chassidic communities in Monsey, Monroe, Boro Park and Williamsburg have repeatedly condemned them. They dress in the old Yerushalmi style, but they are not Chassids). Will somebody please tell me where the Talmud says it is OK to commit genocide? We were protesting Ahmadinejad desire to kill lots of people. If the Talmud says that is OK..I would like to see that.

The Press
I was situated on near the mainstream press and I was amazed how superficial the mainstream press was. Most of them stayed behind their little fenced in area and only moved when one of the politicos approached them. I kept thinking that how could they get the real story cloistered in their protective zone. Why didn’t they go into the crowd. One or two of the TV reporters sent in Cameras and I guess they will splice in their face asking questions later in the day.

As I was leaving I did see a newspaper reporter in the crowd trying to find out what the rally was all about Stewart Ain of the Jewish Week.

Pamela over at Atlas Shrugs went to all three major rallies today find her excellent coverage here.