Guest post by Onan Coca

Something absolutely NUTS transpired earlier this month when an ignorant leftist tool at the United Nations Human Rights Office got a hold of their Twitter account.

Here’s what the UNHR office tweeted back on September 2nd:


Hillel Neuer is the executive director of UN Watch, and following his repudiation of their tweet, the UNHR deleted their comment, acting as if nothing had even happened. Neuer had more to say about the episode at the UN Watch’s website.


“This was a loony tweet, and it calls into question the judgment of the UN’s top human rights office,” said Neuer. “While millions of people are suffering from genocide, sexual slavery and starvation, it is far from clear why the UN would instead focus its attention on unidentifiable ‘urgent threats,’ let alone on economic subjects about which it has neither competence nor expertise,” said Neuer.


“Tellingly, the same UN human rights office has failed to issue a single tweet about this past month’s dire human rights crisis in Venezuela, where millions face mass hunger in part due to attacks on the free market in the failed economic policies of the late president Hugo Chavez and his successor Nicolas Maduro, which included arbitrary seizure of businesses and private property.”


“If the UN did not have a strict policy of ignoring its own guaranteed human right to private property, established in Article 17 of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, then perhaps Venezuelan mothers would not be struggling to find food for their children.”


“Virulent anti-capitalism was a policy of the defunct Soviet Union, but it should not be embraced by the UN body which is supposed to be focused on human rights emergencies.”

Most intellectually honest observers of the United Nations understand that the organization is much further to the left than most of the government in the Western world (yes, even the socialist ones), but it is still surprising to see such a flamboyant display of leftist lunacy.

Never mind the fact (and yes, it’s a fact) that the United Nations has only survived this long thanks to the Free Market values of the Western world, and to the dollars that those values have generated (particularly from the United States). Never mind the fact that the most urgent threats we face have nothing to do with the free market but arise in nations where the free market is not valued or respected (i.e. the Muslim world).

Never mind every single disturbing outgrowth of this idiotic tweet, except for this…

Over the last 200+ years it has been the Free Market (economically, politically, and socially) that has ushered in the greatest era of human advancement our planet has ever seen. Today, humanity is healthier, wealthier, and more connected than at any point in timeline of our history. The one overriding factor that has brought this new age of prosperity to us? The Free Market.

Whoever tweeted this out from the UNHR is an ignorant, leftist dolt.

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