The stupidity of the UN Never ceases to amaze me. They have no conception of what is really going on in the world. Their Human Rights Council does nothing about Darfur but finds a way to trump up charges against Israel every day.

Here is today’s heaping plate-full of stupidity (from JPOST)

Karen AbuZayd, commissioner general for UN Relief and Works Agency, said her agency urgently needed US$246 million in emergency funding to continue providing education, health care, social services and aid to 4.4 million Palestinian refugees living in the West Bank and Gaza Strip, Lebanon, Syria and Jordan. AbuZayd cited the recent Arab League peace initiative and formation of a Palestinian Authority national unity government including the Hamas and Fatah as positive signs which required some “reward” from the international community.


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Kidnapped Israeli soldier Gilad Shalit is being held against all international laws with no access by the International Red Cross, and no news to his family as to his condition.

  • There is no information as to the whereabouts or condition of kidnapped BBC Journalist Alan Johnston.
  • March 14th 2007 – Planned car bomb attack thwarted, 19 Palestinians arrested.
  • March 16th 2007 – Hamas suicide bomber arrested by Egypt.
  • March 19th 2007 – Hamas sniper shoots Israel Electric Company worker near Karni crossing; Norway encourages the world to recognize the Palestinian government.
  • March 30th 2007 – Hamas spokesperson calls for killing Jews.
  • April 10th 2007 – Palestinians wound Israeli in drive-by shooting attack.
  • April 13th 2007 – Acting Palestinian Legislative Council Speaker publicly prays: Oh Allah, Kill the Jews and Americans ‘To the Very Last One’.
  • April 17th 2007 – Palestinians wound four Israelis in drive-by shooting attack.
  • April 18th 2007 – Hamas calls for kidnapping Israeli soldiers.
  • April 21st 2007 – Hamas controlled Islamic Jihad and Fatah’s Al-Aksa Martyrs Brigades fire rockets from Gaza onto Sderot and surrounds.
  • April 23rd 2007 – Gaza International School bombed.
  • April 24th 2007 – Barrage of rockets fired out of Gaza onto Israeli towns; major terrorist attack thwarted by IDF. Attempted Kidnapping also thwarted.


Lets talk about the money that AbuZayd is asking for:

AbuZayd said that most Palestinians had a positive view of the 27-nation EU in contrast to their view of Israel and the United States, which they blame for their economic difficulties. Last year, the EU provided about 694 million Euros (US$930 million) in assistance to the Palestinians under the Temporary International Mechanism.

Am I missing something or has AbuZayd lost all touch with reality? Its almost as if the UN is Flypaper for people who can’t read at the third grade level. Either that or they are so busy feeding their asinine propaganda to the NY Times that they never take the time to read it. Here is a Times quote from last month:

JERUSALEM, March 20 — Despite the international embargo on aid to the Palestinian Authority since Hamas came to power a year ago, significantly more aid was delivered to the Palestinians in 2006 than in 2005, according to official figures from the United Nations, United States, European Union and International Monetary Fund. (for more see The Phantom Palestinian Aid Embargo/NY Times Miracle

You got that Karen, the PA got MORE MONEY than the year before. They want more? Why ask Europe? Why not ask your good buddies who have made sure that I am paying over three bucks a gallon for gasoline. Last time I looked countries Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, and Duabi were LOADED and they have more than enough cash to give the terrorists. Let them pay cash for owning the UN General Assembly.

Oh and one more thing. Stop complaining about the hardships of the wall and checkpoints on the Palestinian economy. Last time I checked a map you could get into Gaza from Egypt and into the West Bank from Jordan. Tell them to USE THE OTHER F”ing DOOR!

I am sorry if it seems that I have gone off the edge but the UN can really make you crazy. Every time someone from the UN speaks I’m reminded of a quote from Shakespeare’s Cymbeline:

“Thy tongue outvenoms all the worms of Nile.”