Please excuse the venom that follows, sometimes things get too much– and you just can’t avoid spewing anger.
I have a favor to ask. Please print this post out. Or go to the Ynet site (linked below) and print that page out. The next time some Israel hater comes up to you and talks about some UN resolution condemning Israel…Please shove this story some place in their body where the sun does not shine. Send this to all the politicians, like John Kerry, who say that the US should consult with the UN on foreign policy issues. And while you are at it put it in the mail to the Peanut President. Tell him if he wants to be a real hero, stop hustling his anti-Semitic book on every TV and radio station in the world and get off his fat old Israel hating ass and do something.

You see, people are dying by the hundreds of thous
ands in Darfur the latest estimates are above 400,000, over 200,000 women and girls have been brutally raped and tortured. Yet the UN Human rights council (the folks who tried to send Bishop Tutu to investigate Gaza) refuses to do anything about it. The disgusting wretches on this council, who find an excuse to condemn Israel every 15-20 minutes, will not condemn Sudan for the genocide in Darfur. Civilians are being killed every day by Arab militias controlled by the President for Life, and bed-wetting killer, Omar al-Bashir. But that’s not all, those same people being targeted by the Omar the Bloodthirsty Basher are also starving to death, but this poor excuse for a human, announces that he is going to give TEN MILLION DOLLARS where it can help cause additional deaths—to the PLO so they can buy more bombs. (Chaim at Freedom’s Cost has more on that story here)

Please read the article below, print it out, and take some action today!

UN rights council stops short of condemning Sudan
UN Human Rights Council, under pressure to act against Sudan atrocities, refrains from criticizing Sudanese government Wednesday, compromises on sending investigators to report on slaying of civilians, rapes, destruction, mass flight. Meeting in emergency session, the 47 nation council unanimously passed a resolution expressing “concern regarding the seriousness of the human rights and humanitarian situation in Darfur,” and calling for a team of five “highly qualified persons” plus the UN’s expert on rights in Sudan to look into the atrocities. The resolution stopped short of mentioning any role of the Sudanese government or the militias it is accused of supporting in attacks on civilians. The government rejects accusations it supports the militias, who are accused of some of the worst atrocities. Luis Alfonso de Alba, the Mexican diplomat who chairs the council and will put together the team, told reporters: “I can guarantee a good and balanced composition.” He said they would be impartial, “Highly qualified personalities.”

Hey I got an idea…Tutu isn’t doing anything, maybe they will give him the VIP pass that Israel wouldn’t.

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Amnesty International condemned the resolution’s timidity in failing to recognize the complicity of the Sudanese government in the serious and systematic human rights violations taking place in Darfur.The assessment mission established by the Human Rights Council must put an end to the shameless lies and denial of responsibility of the government of Sudan for the situation in Darfur,” The London-based rights campaigner said in a statement

OMG When I agree with Amnesty International…You know its bad.

Top UN officials and aid agencies on Tuesday were leading a wide assault of strongly worded statements expressing frustration over how hard it has been to help people suffering from nearly four years of bloodshed

A mission of Jewish students attended the meeting in Geneva and called upon the international community to act immediately to save the people of Darfur. Daniel Translateur, Chairman of the World Union of Jewish Students (WUJS) and head of the delegation of Jewish students to the UN, said: “We, as Jews, cannot stand aside and watch a people be submitted to the same genocide as we have suffered.” “We, the youth of the Jewish world, who live with the memory of the trauma of the Holocaust, feel that we have a moral, historical and personal commitment to involve ourselves in the attempt to stop the mass murders of the people of Darfur,” he added. “The lesson the Jewish people learned from the Holocaust is that we cannot stand aside and watch genocide being carried out on another people. We will always remember the lessons of our ancestors: ‘To save one life is as if you have saved the world’, and ‘Those who do not learn from the past are doomed to repeat it’,” Translateur said.

The lack of blame for the Sudanese government was in stark contrast to the council’s resolutions on Israel which have condemned the Jewish state for many practices, including “the systematic targeting and killings of civilians” in Lebanon and “attacks on human life, property, critical infrastructure and environment.”The council, which replaced the widely discredited Human Rights Commission in June, has used its six previous sessions to pass eight resolutions denouncing Israeli treatment of Arabs.

No other government [except Israel] has been accused of rights violations.

The United Nations, what a bunch of horrible, horrible people !