Joe Biden and the Democrats (as well as their media lapdogs) keep trying to gaslight us all into thinking he is “fixing” the economy, but the truth is that the U.S. misery index has soared over his horrid four years in office.

The misery index was lower under Trump than it had been for a long time, but under Biden it has risen to new heights (or depths, if you will).

The only year it was up during Trump’s term was in 2020 when the scamdemic hit the nation. And then it was at 9.35. But before that, it was well under seven. and the lowest was the 5.44 seen in 2019. This was evidence that what Trump was doing was reversing the mess Obama had made.

So, let’s compare:

Donald Trump Misery Index Ratings:
2017: 6.49
2018: 6.34
2019: 5.44
2020: 9.35

Joe Biden Misery Index Ratings:
2021: 10.06
2022: 11.65
2023: 7.77
2024: To Be Determined

Biden’s year after the scamdemic ended wasn’t even as good as Trump’s first three years.

If we are unfortunate enough to see a second term for Biden, expect things to get worse, not better.

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