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Tzipi Livni had an opportunity to show that she was a leader yesterday. She had the opportunity to reach out and grasp the golden ring of power, to lead a revolution. Everyone expected her to. But yesterday when she stepped up to microphone to make her move, she showed that her ability to lead is no better than that of the person she wants to replace.

With the eyes of the country upon her she opened her mouth for a bold declaration and out came a little squeak. Yes she called for Olmert to quit, yes she indicated that she would like the party’s leadership position in the future—-and then NOTHING !

A real leader would have said that if he doesn’t resign she would use every means possible to oust him. A real leader might have even said “I think the people should decide if Olmert continues” and call for new elections. A real leader would have found a way to keep the anti-Olmert momentum going. But yesterday Tzipi Livni showed that she is NOT a real leader.

Ted Turner the sometimes nut bag who started CNN once said, “either lead, follow or get the Hell out of the way !!!” Tzipi did none of the above. Instead, she made a luke-warm fence sitting declaration and decided to let everyone else do her do her dirty work. Livni could have accelerated the momentum against Olmert, instead she slowed it down.

A real leader takes bold action during a crisis—Tzipi Livni made a tepid “vanilla” response, proving that she is not a what Israel needs. She has no guts and should get no glory.

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