French movie producer Pierre Rehov, in his short film, How to Make a Hamas Hero, quotes clerics, Hamas terrorists, and their moms about the kind of education they have received.

In Seventy Two Virgins he interviews homicide bombers who got before they could blow themselves up. One ,states, “If I died, my mother would have considered it a blessing. I’m basically good because I don’t drink…” The terrorists filmed in 72 Virgins in Paradise claim that had their martyrdom succeeded. they would be guaranteed 72 virgins in Paradise. Proud of suicide bombers, an Arab mother states, “It’s written in the Koran that when a martyr blows himself up, it’s good. He doesn’t feel pain.” Another Arab mother says, “We don’t just fight against occupation. Our goal is to spread Islam everywhere.”

Folks watch these videos–THIS is what we are fighting against: