Tuesday’s Headlines Will Read Its Israel’s Fault. No I haven’t developed psychic powers. Tomorrow the “menage a peace” between Condi Rice, Elmer Olmert and the Terrorist Abbas will come and go. The US and Israel have already decided not to deal with the United Palestinian Terrorist government because of its refusal to meet any of the preconditions for negotiation, recognizing Israel, renouncing terrorism, and honoring previous agreements. Abbas has already met with Rice and the meeting did not go well, and tomorrows meeting will not go better. When its all over the blame for the failed meeting will be placed squarely and unfairly on the shoulders of Israel.

Its already started…take a look at the some of the headlines/openers from today’s papers.

GUARDIAN UK -Peace hopes fade after US and Israel agree to shun new Palestinian coalition (GUARDIAN UK) Rory McCarthy in Jerusalem, ISRAEL 02/19/07)

NY Times -Peace summit hits trouble before it starts The latest attempt to broker Middle East peace appeared doomed amid disagreements over a Palestinian powersharing agreement.

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Washington Post -For Rice, High-Stakes Shuttle Diplomacy JERUSALEM, Feb. 18 — Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice on Sunday shuttled between meetings with Palestinian and Israeli leaders, seeking to lay the groundwork for a successful three-way summit Monday in the face of Israeli anger at a new Palestinian government that includes the militant group Hamas.

UK Telegraph-US backs Israel over boycott of new Palestinian government

So much for fair press. No mention of the fact that the new Unified Terrorist Government refuses the recognize Israels right to exist. Or the fact that the government was formed by two terrorist organizations that still call for the destruction of Israel. What about the fact that it was the US that had to convince Israel to boycott the new government? Of course there is no mention of the truth in the liberal press—truth is against their editorial policy.