Tevye said in Fiddler on the Roof, “Lord I know we are the chosen people, but once in a while couldn’t you choose someone else” (Hats off to The Last Best Place for the Cartoon)In today’s news are fine examples of what he was talking about, Field Marshal Omar Hassan of the Sudan (he even sounds like a Nazi), a vicious murderer, is blaming all of his troubles on the Jews. Apparently the massacres in Darfur are myths developed to pull attention from Israel’s treatment of the Palestinians. How creative, this horrid disease on the world has killed hundreds of thousands of people and can twist it all around to blame it on Israel. In an interview with the Jpost he says:

“You cannot at all rule out the Israeli role in any problem that any Arab country is facing because the security of Israel is based on weakening Arab states,” he said. “Israel would do everything through their media and their different mechanisms – you can’t deny they have such influence in circles all over the world so they can do what they want.” Appearing to believe that western media are controlled by their governments, Field Marshal al-Bashir claimed that America and Britain had asked Sudan to recognize Israel and hinted negative coverage of the Darfur conflict could stop as a result. “Since we took power, these messages have never stopped. They (America, Britain and Israel) would like to divert the Arabs from the central cause of the Arabs, which is Palestine. “This is a camouflage for what is happening in Iraq, in Palestine, in Afghanistan.”

Damn We Are Good !!!! We Jews control the media and run the banks, we control foreign policy and assassinate Russian Spies (Pat Buchanan says some guy named Goldfarb made it all up) and at the end of the day we still have time to take out the garbage and play with the kids.

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A Conferece for Holocaust Deniers
On a related note, Iran is hosting a conference for Holocaust deniers (I guess Pat will be at that one also, that is unless we have the banks cancel his cash card). Acording to Al Bawaba an Arab owned news service ( which I assume has no relation to Ba Bawawa dispite the similarity in names)

An international conference dubbed “Holocaust: World Prospect” will be held by the Iranian Foreign Ministry’s Institute for Political and International Studies (IPIS) following International Human Rights Day (Dec 10). According to IRNA, the two-day conference on holocaust will open in Tehran on December 11 and will continue until December 12. According to a report released by the Public Relations Department of the Foreign Ministry’s IPIS, while aiming to fully respect Judaism, the event will attempt to focus on the issue “away from any propaganda or political orientation.” “This conference fully respects the Jewish religion and is away from politicization and propaganda,” the statement said. Topics include “anti-Semitism, Nazism, and Zionism: collaboration or animosity; the concept of Holocaust and its roots; views of revisionists; denial or admittance of gas chambers,” it added.

No Word yet whether CNN, The Daily Kos or French President Chiraq will attend.