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I don’t have a fancy tote board or anything like that, but I do have some wrapping up thoughts about last night’s Super Duper Tsunami Tuesday Primaries:

  • GOP
    • Those Romney Robo Calls in California saying a vote for Huckabee is a vote for McCain it helped me make my mind up. Went with my heart–could not pull the lever for Romney. My vote for Huckabee was not a vote for McCain, it was a vote against Romney.
    • McCain and Huckabee are having good nights. Although McCain got smacked around in his home state. Maybe he will get the message about immigration.
    • Romney placed WAY third in all of the Southern States—If you are Republican and can’t get votes in the south, you cannot win the Presidency.
    • For those of you who are “conspiracy” theorists and think that there is a McCain/Huckabee deal on the VP the answer is no. The conservative wing of the party is not sending that fond of Huckabee either McCain is going to have to pick someone the conservative wing likes to get them motivated.
    • The reason McCain and Huckabee seem overly friendly is they both genuinely HATE Romney. He is the one who brought nastiness and personal attacks into the campaign, first against Huckabee, more recently against McCain. When it comes to nastiness Romney is in Bill Clinton territory and it may have very well backfired against him.
    • McCain is speaking at CPAC (Conservative Political Action Committee) tomorrow in DC. It HAS to be the biggest speech of this campaign. CPAC will be hostile as they don’t trust the Senator and he shunned them last year (he was booed in absentia). If he wants to reach out to the right wing of the party tomorrow is the day—and immigration is the topic.
    • Is it over? While I don’t believe that Romney is going to announce the suspension of his campaign at CPAC as suggested by Bill Kristol last night. It is nearly done. Especially after all California went to McCain. Romney has been outspending his rivals by large amounts and still had a bad day. If he place second in the southern states I could say he had a chance.
    • Conclusion: The fat lady did not sing—but SHE IS doing her warm-ups.
  • Democrats
    • Democratic Jewish voters in NY went 80%+ for Hillary—the MUCH lesser of two evils. Yasshir Koach guys–now remember you gotta go Republican in November.
    • I think its cool that both Kennedy and Kerry came out for Obama in Mass. but couldn’t deliver their own states, maybe Teddy’s influence is waining. Hey John, why the long face?
    • Both Candidates can Claim it was their night. Obama won some big states but the closest thing to a shocker was Missouri. The supposed Obama surge in California and New Jersey didn’t happen.
    • Generally, Hillary won the States that are the Democrats HAVE to win in an election. NY, NJ, Ca., Mass.. Obama won the States that nine out of ten times go for the GOP. Therefor Hillary probably had the better night.
    • Obama’s speech last night was too long (or was I just cranky because it was so late) and said Nothing. Fox kept showing us the blond lady standing behind the Senator…hinging on every word, clapping laughing even crying. The exemplifies the Obama voter, all emotion, no logic (at least every Obama voter I talk to, or get hate mail from).
    • Hillary’s speech seemed to be a little different in terms of pacing. Is it me or is she trying to pick up Obama’s “preacher-like” cadence when she speaks?
    • Is it over? I think NY’s Junior Senator is closer to the Nomination than she was on Monday. Her new theme song should be I will survive, because she really dodged a bullet and took some wind out of Senator Obama’s sail. The next few weeks Obama will do well; La, DC, MD are all primaries he was expected to do well. The four states on 3/4 will really show if she is boss, big delegate states such as Texas and Ohio.
    • Hillary is not as far along as McCain. Barak Obama is a great motivator and Bill Clinton can be a loose cannon. No Fat Lady in the theater yet. But Hillary has come out of Super Duper Tsunami Tuesday in good shape.
    • My friend John who blogs at summer patriot, winter soldier sent me the picture on the left from the Campaign trail. I think its funny, if you don’t please send him the “Hate Mail.” I will warn you though, John’s wit can be more biting than mine and he is a big believer/ practitioner of the Second Amendment so tread lightly (LOL).

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