Folks this will make you all forget Geraldo and Al Capone’s safe.  Trump’s big announcement? The thing he said will change the course of the election? It’s all about promoting Donald Trump.  The modern equivalent of a carnival barker just announce that if President Obama releases his passport application and college transcripts, he will donate $ 5,000,000 to a charity of the president’s choice. That it, the entire thing. He even made a video about it (if you cannot see video below-please click here):

This has nothing to do with Barack Obama and everything to do with Donald Trump. Why else would he hint about this major announcement for a week and finally reveal that he has nothing but an offer that will be ignored by the Obama campaign.

Donald, as someone who want Romney elected as much as you do……PLEASE! Don’t do us any favors—-go back into hiding for two weeks.   We have this handled.