After a year of so many devastating forest fires in left-wing California, President Donald Trump has finally thrown out Obama’s disastrous, envirowacko forestry policy and replaced them for practical forestry.

There is only one reason that the forest fires were so destructive in California and that is because Barack Obama put in place disastrous rules given to him by the envirowacko movement, rules that supposedly favored “the trees” at the expense of human life and property. Indeed, even at the cost of the forests themselves.

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Well, Trump has finally acted and taken an ax to Obama’s terrible, life-threatening forestry rules.

According to Daily Caller:

Trump issued an executive order Friday to allow for active management of forest and rangelands, including thinning and removing debris from millions of acres of federal lands.

The order also calls on federal officials to streamline regulations and permitting processes to allow the harvest of at least 3.8 billion board feet from U.S. Forest Service lands and 600 million board feet from Bureau of Land Management lands.

That represents a massive increase in timber sales from federal lands. For example, loggers harvested 2.9 billion board feet from Forest Service lands in 2017, according to federal figures. But even Trump’s increased allowance for loggers is still about one-quarter of what was harvested in 1973.

Republicans were thrilled by the new rules.

“While litigation activists thwarted forest management reforms, the Senate also failed to pass legislation to help minimize forest fires,” Utah GOP Rep. Rob Bishop, chairman of the House Committee on Natural Resources, said in a statement.

“As a result, parts of the West were left in ashes. We cannot ignore these systemic issues any longer,” Bishop said.

“This executive order will save lives and communities throughout the West!” the Congressional Western Caucus tweeted last week.


Outgoing Interior Secretary Ryan Zinke blamed environmentalists for the increasingly devastating fires in the western U.S. — environmentalists often sue to keep federal officials from removing trees or conducting prescribed burns.

Indeed, last month Zinke slammed the enviirowacko movement.

“When we’re prevented from managing our forests by these radical environmentalists — they’ve had lawsuit after lawsuit, they have somehow promulgated to let nature take its course — this is the consequence of letting nature take its course,” Zinke told Breitbart News Sunday in November.

“We need to go back to prescribed burns late in the season, so you don’t have these catastrophic burns, remove the dead and dying timber, sustainable harvests, get the small mom and pop mills back where they’re grazing the forest and return to healthy forests,” Zinke added.

He is 100 percent right. Mark this as another Trump success and an end to yet another horrible part of Obama’s legacy.