The Trumpster has had a lousy day.  Fresh off this morning’s polls that showed his political support falling down the abyss, we find out that there will be no candidacy announcement during the final episode of the Apprentice, in fact there never was going to be one.

The ratings-deflating news was delivered to National Journal on Tuesday by Sharon Pannozzo, publicity director for NBC Entertainment, who sounded a little miffed with The Donald’s false advertising.

“The show this weekend [part one of the finale] was taped back in November, and next week’s episode is also taped,” Pannozzo said. “So there will be no opportunity for him to do something like that.”

Over the past few weeks “The Donald” has said more than once that he would be announcing whether or not he would be running for President during the final episode of the Apprentice.

“I am thinking of saying on the live finale of The Apprentice on May 22 that in a few days I will be making an announcement about my decision,” Trump told the Times. ”I might ask the two finalists if I should run for president. Of course, if they’re intelligent they’ll have to say yes, since I’m about to fire one of them.”

Not exactly, according to the show’s publicist. “There will be no announcement,” Pannozzo said. “It’s just misinformation on his part.” Pannozzo insists there will be no live segments of the show. Asked about Pannozzo’s comments, Trump spokesman Michael Cohen confirmed to National Journal: “Mr. Trump will not be making any announcement during the finale of The Apprentice.”

So the entire thing was just Donald Trump being the carnival barker,trying to draw people into his tent of oddities.  Or as Seth Meyers said during the recent Correspondent’s dinner

“I was surprised to hear that Trump was running as a Republican, I thought he was running as a joke”

I don’t often agree with Meyer’s politics, but this time he was absolutely correct. As a Presidential candidate, Trump was and is a joke.  This is just one more example.

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