Yikes!!! Anybody who saw Kellyanne Conway’s attacks on possible Secretary of State pick Mitt Romney thought it a bit strange. After all whether she agrees with the possible pick or not, this is not the type of argument one tries to wage in public, especially when one’s boss is Donald Trump, a man who values loyalty.  Beyond that it was Conway who pushed Trump to stay “on message.” It seems a bit hypocritical that she has gone rogue.  On Monday there are multiple reports that President-Elect trump is angry at Conway’s Romney bashing.

Conway began her anti-Romney crusade on Thanksgiving in a tweetstorm that surprised Trump critics and observers. “Receiving deluge of social media & private comms re: Romney Some Trump loyalists warn against Romney as sec of state,” She doubled down on her criticism appearing on the Sunday shows.

Apparently Conway’s attacks also surprised senior members of the transition team as well as the President-Elect. Monday’s Morning Joe started out with a report about Trump’s anger (see video below):

Two high-level sources on Trump’s transition team told MSNBC’s Joe Scarborough that the president-elect was “furious” that Conway went rogue at Trump’s expense “at the worst possible time.” Aides are reportedly “baffled” by Conway’s comments and concerned that “instead of driving Trump’s message,” Conway is “pushing her own agenda,” according to the report, which was laid out on air by hosts Joe Scarborough and Mika Brzezinski.

One top aide described Conway’s behavior as “dangerous.”

Republican National Committee chairman Reince Priebus, the incoming chief of staff in Trump’s administration, is also reportedly frustrated with Conway.

According to Scarborough Conway may have gone rogue because she is angry she hasn’t yet been offered a position in the administration.

“Kellyanne doesn’t have a job yet, and she’s angry about that. She hasn’t been offered the job she wants. No, she is. I can report that and so she’s striking out. She’s not in any of the meetings where these decisions are being made, and she’s angry about that. At the same time, you don’t go out and attack the vice president-elect because you’re mad at Reince Priebus.”

A CNN source agreed with the MSNBC report, “President-elect Donald Trump is “irritated” with top aide Kellyanne Conway’s public campaign against Mitt Romney’s potential nomination as Secretary of State, according to a source.”

Conway responded to Scarborough with an angry text message calling his report sexist and saying she could have any job she wanted in a Trump administration. Scarborough read the text message on air:

 “We have a response from Kellyanne Conway who says the reporting this morning, it is sexist. She says she can have any job she wants and is thinking about taking a role inside and outside of the campaign.”

Perhaps Conway could have had any job she wanted before she went rogue. He attacks on Romney seems to ignore the fact that in the end it is Donald Trump’s decision…not hers.