According to Hillary Clinton “Trump’s rhetoric has been ‘seized on by the terrorists’ as a recruiting tool. ‘We’re going after the bad guys and we’re going to get them but we’re not going to go after an entire religion,’ Clinton added.’

I wouldn’t want to accuse Mrs. Clinton of lying (again). After all she lies so often sometimes new accusations of mendacity seem a trite.  So allow me to put it this way. I have never seen an ISIS recruiting video with Donald Trump in it, but embedded below is an ISIS recruiting video from November of 2015 that features among others, Hillary’s husband former President Bubba Clinton.  It doesn’t identify him by name, it simply displays his image while calling him a fornicator.

The video which first hit the blog world at, features many prominent politicians along with Bubba the Fornicator, including The POTUS Obama, The SCHMOTUS Biden, Secretary of State Kerry, Senator John McCain, Bush #43 and former British Prime Minister Tony Blair.

The video’s called “No Respite” and according to Heavy, gets its name from Quran verse 71:

And recite to them the news of Noah, when he said to his people, “O my people, if my residence and my reminding of the signs of Allah has become burdensome upon you – then I have relied upon Allah . So resolve upon your plan and [call upon] your associates. Then let not your plan be obscure to you. Then carry it out upon me and do not give me respite.

Take a look at the video below and along with seeing Bubba instead of Trump,  you will realize despite what Obama, Hillary and the other terrorist apologists say, ISIS is Islamic. It’s the theme of their entire pitch. Now calm down liberals, I am not saying all followers of Islam are terrorists, but anyone who says there is nothing Islamic about ISIS, or any of the other radical Muslim terrorist groups should see a neurologist as soon as possible, because they have issues in the cranium.

Oh and one more thing—Mrs. Clinton, I have shown you my ISIS video, where’s your ISIS video with Donald Trump? As my mother of blessed memory used to say in Yiddish tuchus oyfn tish (literally put your “arse” on the table) it means put up or shut up.

The four minute ISIS video is below: